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Applying Foundation


Foundation smoothens out your skin tone and gives you a flawless look, but only  when it is not overdone.

To avoid that heavy, caked-on look, first of all, choose the natural colour which is closest to your face colour.

In the natural light, apply a small amount of foundation on the jaw line and blend it well. The right kind of shade will merge with the skin tone of your neck and will give a smooth appearance whereas the wrong shade will give a fake look.

There are various types of foundations. There are powder foundation, liquid foundation and semi liquid foundation. If your skin is dry, then go for liquid foundation, and for combination skin types, semi liquid foundation works best. For those who have oily skin, choose the powder foundation for that smooth appearance.

The skin should be well hydrated before applying the foundation and makeup. Moisturise the skin well at least 10 minutes before applying the foundation. In case you have oily skin, use oil free moisturiser and remember to wipe off the excess oil with tissue from the surface of the skin.