Aregbesola's Aide Lambasts Mimiko


The Special Adviser on Environment to Osun State governor, Bola Ilory, has accused  Ondo State Governor, Olusegun Mimiko, of betraying the national leader of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and the leadership of the party after regaining his mandate at the election tribunal.

The former Senior Special Assistant, SSA, to Mimiko on Environment, who said this in an interview with Political Platform, added that it was Tinubu that the governor ran to when he had problems after the election but now he says he would not worship a foreign god.

“To make matter worst, he now refers to Tinubu as a foreign god.  I see at that as the height of insult. I mean height of betrayal because you ran to this man in your time of need. If Tinubu is a foreign god then Mimiko is the prince. He cannot deny it because he’s the first person in Ondo to worship on the alter of Tinubu’s god. He’s the most beneficiary of that god that he ran to in 2007, and that god gave him back his mandate and for him to turn back and abused the same god, I think that’s the height of betrayal.

” He even said the that he has paid Tinubu and doesn’t want to be remote controlled from Lagos but I can tell you that he never gave any money to Tinubu. How much does he have? On the issue of remote control, this same Mimiko sponsored candidates of Labour Party in Plateau State. He also sponsored election in Bayelsa State. He worked for PDP in Kogi state against ACN. That of Kogi is understandable for some reasons which is a story for another day.

“As it is, he too is planning to remote control those people he sponsored in other states. Is Oyo State not working today? Is Edo not working? Is Osun not working? Is Ekiti not working? Is Ogun not working? Is any of them complaining of being remote controlled? No! A betrayer will always be a betrayer, that is just the issue. He said he paid him? How much did he pay? Who did he pay? How can he possibly pay back? It’s like telling your father you want to pay him every penny he has spent on you. That’s the height of betrayal,” he said.

Speaking on the forthcoming governorship election in Ondo State, he said the ACN candidate, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, is doing very well and he is cocksure his party will win the 20 October governorship poll.

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“We are hopeful that he will win. He’s the former NBA chairman and a man of pedigree and integrity. The present government in Ondo State has been there for three and half years and it takes them that long to do just one mega primary school. If you go to Akure today, you cannot say Mimiko has not done anything,  but what we are saying is far beyond Akure.

“He should show how many kilometres of roads that has been done. I can tell you that throughout the three and half years, going to four, Mimiko didn’t tar one kilometre of road in Ondo. I challenge the government to come and show where they have one kilometre of tarred road in Ondo not to talk of Ondo town. The only place they have a tarred road is Akure. Labour Party lacks the ability to deliver an all round development.

“They scratch the ground and paint it and call it road.  They pretend they are tarring roads and rain would come one day and watch it away. They have done something, whether what they have done is good or not is what we are taking now. They have done a lot of painting and I am sure some paint companies  must have made a fortune from Ondo State. They really patronised the paint dealers and that is part of the work they did.

“They paint everything to Labour Party colour. It’s just that God didn’t put the sky near where Labour Party could paint it

“They are claiming Gani Fawehinmi Diagnostic Centre, that is a private project. It is not Ondo State government’s own. The Mother and Child Centre is just one ward in LASUTH, the mother and child is just paediatrics department there. It is just a single project,” he said.

—Yisa Jamiu

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