Flock of sheep storms sports shop, sheepishly!


VIENNA (AFP) Behaving true to character, a flock of sheep took a wrong turn on their way down from their summer mountain pastures and ended up in an Austrian sports shop, local media reported Saturday in Vienna.

One sheep saw its reflection in the glass sliding doors of the Intersport store in the western village of Sankt Anton am Arlberg and proceeded to enter, followed by the rest of the flock in typically sheepish behaviour.

Amid much bleating, two shepherds managed to persuade the animals to leave, but not before they had caused a considerable amount of mess as they wandered around amid the bikes, shoes, skis and other sporting equipment on sale.

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“The broke some of the sunglasses and left a lot of dirt. We had quite a clean-up to do,” store manager Michael Ess, 42, told the Oesterreich daily. “I have never experienced anything like it.”

A video of the incident can be seen at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Y00PKQ7W-0.

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