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Essien's Wedding Plan a Hoax?


Taiwo Samson

Did Real Madrid and everyone else goof about the planned wedding today by Ghanaian star, Michael Essien, to Akosua Puni ?

Essien’s publicists said so.

Caroline MCAteer said pointblank: “No wedding ever scheduled for today or any other day”.

Rachel Frazer said: “Please take this story down immediately as it is completely untrue”.

Both Rachel and Caroline are officials of the Sports PR Company in London.

The internet was agog since last night that Essien’s planned wedding today could not go on because of the rescheduled match billed for today between Real madrid and Rayo Vallecano.

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Reports said the former Chelsea of England player was going to tie the nuptial ties with his Ghanaian sweetheart at an exclusive venue in Weybridge, London., and a lot of media in Ghana said on their websites that “Monday night’s game clashes with Essien’s wedding forcing the couple to rearrange a new date as the sabotage of the game has extended to a sabotage of the Ghana star’s wedding.” said on its site that “the official twitter handle of Real Madrid tweeted on Sunday that: ‘Michael Essien is forced to postponed his wedding that was planned to be tomorrow (Monday) after postponing RM game to the same day. (Goal)”

Some sites in Spain such as Inside Spanish Football and Football Espana also reported the botched wedding with the following headlines: ‘Rayo Confusion Spoils Essien Wedding’ and ‘Essien’s Wedding Plans Ruined by Act of Sabotage’.

But Caroline McAteer and Rachel Frazer said everyone else goofed on this one.

There was no word on this controversy on either Essien’s Twitter page or his website.