Lagos ACN Asks PDP To Get Serious


The Lagos Action Congress Nigeria has warned that unless serious-minded persons take over Lagos PDP, the party is going into extinction.

In a release signed by the State Publicity Secretary, Mr. Joe Igbokwe, ACN said “it has monitored PDP press releases in recent times with its penchant in running down institutions created to add value in Lagos State and came to the conclusion that PDP Lagos lacks capacity to respect or honour ideas.”

“For sometime now Lagos PDP has devoted precious gift of time to run down Lagos State government and some agencies and we have kept quiet while it lasted to see if they can grow up a little bit but it looks as if PDP Lagos cannot think”

The party added: “The other day Lagos PDP asked for the scrapping of LASTMA and KAI because, according to them, ‘they are agencies used to boost revenue generation.’ Now ask any serious motorist in Lagos what Lagos traffic would have been if LASTMA and KAI had not been on ground given the increasing number of vehicles on Lagos roads.

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“Hours on end, these officers risk their lives to ensure easy flow of traffic in Lagos metropolis. Regular users of Ikorodu road know that there were times trailers would break down on that road and remained there for about three or four days before they are removed. Today those excruciating experiences have become a thing of the past.”

According to ACN, “Just a few days ago, the idle Lagos PDP was in the news again to criticize Lagos State Government programme, ‘Waste to food’, a holiday programme that is meant to teach our children how to create wealth from waste. This is unbelievable. All over the world, serious economic managers tell us that the only way to wealth is to go under the engines and some other jobs where hands are made dirty.

“In other climes governments have designed policies where school children go to companies like fast food joints, auto garages, auto plants, hospitals, gas stations, construction companies, government agencies during school hours to work for two hours a day to acquire practical skills for the future. The Holy Book admonishes us to teach our children good things today and when they grow up they will never forget. ‘Waste to food’ is one way to do this.”

The party insists “that PDP Lagos is always changing facts to fit their baseless argument than to change their baseless argument to fit facts. All we need to know about PDP Lagos or National PDP, we learned in 13 years of rudderless leadership in Nigeria. “Lagos State Government under the able leadership of our own Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola will continue to show the road map for progress in Nigeria through exemplary and committed leadership. And no amount of petty politics tailored towards diverting his attention will succeed.”

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