PDP Has Run Out Of Ideas -ACN


The Action Congress of Nigeria has  called on Nigerians to brace up for tougher times ahead as  the People’s Democratic Party-led Federal Government has completely run out of ideas .

In a statement issued in Lagos on Thursday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said that rather than address the  issues raised in its  criticism  of the central government’s  inept handling of the multiple tragedies and calamities the country is currently reeling under, the PDP has characteristically embarked on a flight of fancy and daylight hallucination.

“To accuse the Action Congress of Nigeria of politicizing national disasters and calamities when it actually only criticized  President Jonathan’s lack of capacity, pro-activeness, and  coordinated response to thesenatural calamities and disasters depicts the paucity of the thought process of the People’s Democratic Party -led Federal Government, ” the party said.
“How can the attempt to draw the attention of Nigerians to the inept handling of the problems confronting the country be disparaged as attention seeking? How long did it take for any minister or high ranking government official to visit the scene of the flooding for  an on the spot assessment? Why would a President, just fifteen minutes  away from the scene of the worst flooding ever witnessed  in the country fail to visit for immediate assessment? How many days after the disaster did it take the federal government to belatedly  take any action? Where are the concrete adaptation and mitigation measures  to prevent a future occurrence of  this disaster elsewhere in the country?

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“In other saner  climes  where a capable president and not a trainee president is in charge, the president would have made a stop over with pronouncements about support, relief materials and expression of sympathy for  the victims,” the party explained.

According to ACN, while conceding that flooding is a global phenomenon  it is quite unfortunate  however that  despite the huge sums the country has spent on attending international conferences on the impact of climate change, the Federal Government has been unable to come up with  concrete adaptation and mitigation measures to avert these disasters or respond in a co-ordinated, timely and robust manner whenever or wherever they  may occur.

“The People’s Democratic Party’s response is nothing but a recklessly rabid disposition to repel at all times any criticism no matter how constructive. We are not even sure whether Olisa Metuh and his ilk read or understood the whole point made in our statement which is that  only an incompetent and trainee government could have gotten Nigeria into the present mess,”  the party concluded.

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