NASS To Equip MAN With Training Vessel


After  about 30 years of existence, the Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron in Akwa-Ibom State, may soon be equipped with a vessel with which to train its cadets in line with international requirements.

The inability to procure a training vessel for the institution’s cadets for seatime experience has rendered thousands of graduates from the specialised school unemployed for many years, especially those that lack the capacity to further their training in foreign institutions where training facilities are available.

The indications that the academy will soon be equipped with the needed training vessel came from New York, United States of America,recently, when members of the Maritime Committee of the National Assembly (House of Representatives and Senate) vowed not to approve budget from the relevant government ministry and department if provision is not made for the procurement of a training vessel for the maritime academy and the proposed Maritime University at Okerenkoko, Delta State.

The committee led by Mr. Ifeanyin Uguanyin, the Chairman of the House Committee on Maritime Transport made the vow after a tour of Maritime College of the State University of New York, where they received inspiration to replicate what they saw there in Nigeria,

“I don’t see us approving some budgets, especially for those that should have procured a training vessel for the maritime academy in Oron, They must make provision for a training vessel and simulator for the schools,” a member of the committee said after the tour of the college.

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The committee said it was necessary for relevant government agency to consider it in their next budget, saying the  New York Maritime College  is an ideal environment for training sea workers.

The college location is ideal for the purpose for which it was established. It was right there at the water front connected with the sea at a very short distance.

The college, which offers courses in engineering, marine environmental science, marine business, and commerce, etc has a training vessel dedicated for the training of its cadets to enable them acquire the mandatory seatime experience.

—Esther Komolafe

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