We Care For Talents At CMCM —Prophet Adebisi


“The priority of Christ Miracle Church Ministry, CMCM, Lagos Branch, is to help the youths in our society to develop their God- given talents”.

The above statement was made by Prophet Abiola Adebisi, the Pastor of CMCM, who was called into the ministry in 1987.

The football enthusiast was speaking to P.M.NEWS on one of the creeds of the fast-growing church, which is to provide avenues where the youths can maximise their talents.

Some young boys were roaming the streets before the sports section of CMCM brought them together to form the nucleus of the church’s team, the Champions of Fire Football Club about four years ago.

“One of our beliefs in CMCM is to train and guide the youths so that they can develop their hidden talents. That’s why we have taken it as a point of duty in our church to help these young men and women so that they can be useful to themselves and the society in the future,” said Adebisi.

He continued: “We believe that the way that the youths can be useful to the society and their generation is by making use of their potentials.

“That’s why we care so much about them at CMCM by packaging events, where they can express themselves.”

The prophet further revealed that the decision of the church to help the youths to develop their talents gave birth to a football club, sponsored by the ministry.

“It is our interest in grooming young talents that made us to form the Champions of Fire International Football Club. And to the glory of God, the team won a silver medal three years ago in the Salvation Cup tournament, which was played in Lagos.

“It is not only about sports but we also take time to teach them the word of God and the Bible precepts. We encourage them to always tow the line of righteousness everywhere they find themselves,” added Adebisi.

The man of God, a former student of the Oyo State College of Arts and Science, where he was called, said it is a dangerous venture for the society to leave the youths to their fate.

“It is a very dangerous thing for the society to leave the youths to themselves without monitoring them. They can come back to haunt the society if they don’t have anything worthwhile to do with their life in the future.

“There is a need for the society to devote more time to the youths so that they can become successful men and women in the future. That’s the only way they can be useful to themselves and their generation,” concluded Adebisi, who anointed incumbent Super Eagles Chief Coach, Stephen Keshi shortly after he was appointed last year at his Akiode Church.

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