Boxing Helps Me Express Myself


Sadiq Ahmed was crowned as the new National Light Welterweight champion after he beat the former champion, Sunday Ajayi, to submission last Monday. In this interview with Boxing In Focus, the ‘Policeman’ spoke about his boxing career and other issues.  

How do you feel about your victory over Sunday Ajayi?

I feel so great because it was a bout that I had been longing to have for a long time. I had always wanted to have a shot at the title right from the time I became a professional boxer. And I am delighted that the dream has come through from the moment I was crowned as the National Wealterweight champion last Monday.

How did you manage to overcome your opponent who was a national champion in just one round?

I had known before the bout that I would definitely beat Sunday Ajayi to submission in that bout. Yet I worked very hard knowing full well that my opponent is a very tricky boxer. That is why I tell anyone who cares to listen that hardwork was the secret of my victory in the fight. My coach happens to be a very disciplined man and he was very thorough with me in the build-up to the fight. Therefore, knocking out my opponent in the first round of the bout was a result of my hardwork. In addition, I did not joke with my training, especially my roadwork.

What is the next line of action now that you have become a national champion?

I don’t intend to rest on my oars because there are still bigger titles than the national title. That is why I see this new title as a stepping stone to those bigger ones. But my plan at the moment is to take a shot at the African title. I know that I am bound to face more challenges in my quest to win African and world titles than I faced in the national title. That is why I like to take them one after the other so that I will not lose focus.

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Why did you choose boxing as your career?

The reason I prefer boxing to any other sport is because it is an individual sport. It gives me the opportunity to express myself unlike a team sport where your success will depend on the performance of your team-mates. But I have come to accept the fact that my destiny is in my own hand as far as boxing is concerned. Having this at the back of my mind has really helped me a lot since I have taken the sport as a career.

Being an Olympian, why do you think Nigerian boxers failed at the London Olympics?

What I want people to realise is that Nigerian boxers did not fail at the London Olympics because they were not good. But what really caused their poor showing in London was because their preparation for the games was very bad. In fact, it would have been a miracle if the boxers had come home with a single medal. Aside from the fact that the boxers only had a couple of months to prepare for the games, the camping system itself was nothing to write home about. There were no modern equipment in the camp and the few ones that were available were not in good condition.

What is your advice to upcoming boxers?

My advice to them is that they should remain focused and know what they are doing. They should have it at the back of their mind that Rome was not built in a day. That is why I always tell them to be patient and work very hard. Their time will surely come if only they are ready to carry out the instructions of their coaches.