Maigari: Nigerian Football Sick


President of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Alhaji Aminu Maigari has given a damning verdict that “Nigerian football is sick.”

Maigari who was in Ilorin to watch the 3-1 victory of the Flying Eagles of Nigeria over South Africa in the African Youth Championship, AYC, qualifier, made the emphatic statement while speaking to sports writers on football development in the country.

“We agree that we are having sickness in our football, but thanks to God, Nigeria is blessed with talents and we will soon get back on track,” Maigari said.

The NFF President further added that many factors are militating against the football federation, but that they are sorting it out, to make sure everything returns to normal.

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Maigari also said that the NFF is working hard to reposition the Nigeria Premier League, in order to make it attractive to potential sponsors.

“The federation is fully aware of this and we are not relenting in our efforts. We have set up various committees to look and dig into what the problems are and how we can attract sponsors.

“Very soon, I’m sure we will come up with good news for the good people of Nigeria,” Maigari said.

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