I Disappointed My Fans


Defending Champions, Judiciary Football Team lost 3-5 to State Universal Basic Education Board SUBEB in a penalty shoot-out after 1-1 at regulation time in the just concluded Lagos HOS Football Competition on Tuesday. Judiciary koalkeeper, Oluwatosin Faboye spoke about his team’s loss with Grassroots Soccer Guide.

Your team could not defend the title won last year in HOS Cup, how would you react to this?

It was a big disappointment for us and our fans who have been supporting us since we started this competition.

Some people said your team lost to bad officiating, how true is it?

Honestly, the officiating was nothing to write home about. The centre referee gave an undeserved red card to my player and awarded a dubious penalty kick to our opponents towards the last minute. I think the centre referee was biased in his officiating which caused our defeat.

You have been a goal keeper for Judiciary in the four editions of HOS Cup; would you still be available for the team in the next edition?

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I may not be available for Judiciary in 2013 HOS Cup because I have paid my dues and I need to step aside for younger ones. If the fans or management still need my service, I may reconsider my decision.

Which match was your toughest in the HOS Cup?

My toughest match was the final we played against SUBEB. It was a tough one in the sense that we did not score more than a goal before they equalised.

Your fans were disappointed that you could not even save one penalty kick during the penalty shoot-out, how do you react to this?

Truly, I disappointed my fans because they expected me to save at least one penalty kick. It was not my fault because penalty shoot-out is a game of luck.I want to use this medium to apologise to my fans to take heart over my performance.

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