Firm To Pay Consumers For Advert Review


Nigerians who spend hours online may be in for quick cash as a local ICT firm, Hexanet Solutions, has launched the first paid-to-click website in the country.

The website, which was launched last week, pays consumers for simply clicking and reviewing adverts placed on the website.

Speaking on the development, Marketing Director of Hexanet Solutions, Mr. Okoeguale Justice said the website is not just for Nigerians but consumers across the world.

He explained that Paid-To-Click website idea is an online business model that draws online traffic from viewers aiming to earn money from home, work or anywhere they have access to the internet

He said: “A Paid-To-Click website, or simply called PTC website, acts as the middleman between advertisers and consumers; the advertisers pay for displaying their adverts on the PTC website, and a part of this payment goes to the viewer when he views the adverts.

“Members can withdraw their money at any time provided their earnings have reached at least $3. We have provided all our members with the easiest way to withdraw their funds. Among them is Liberty Reserve. This is the most widely used online payment service in Nigeria today”

According to Okoeguale, “Apart from the money reward, we desire more Nigerians to benefit from it as our top members are now from China,Japan,United States of America,etc.This is so since a P-T-C site is not very common in Africa especially Nigeria.” Registration is free and easy; all registered members earn real money in US Dollars for just viewing adverts displayed on the website.

—Henry Ojelu