Car Dealer Slumps, Dies After Scuffle With Friend


A car dealer identified as Akeem has slumped and died after a fight with his Tope Adeosun, simply called Baba Ope following disagreement between them on Thursday at Abe Bridge Sawmill, Old Ife Road, Ibadan, Oyo State, southwest Nigeria.

The deceased had told his friend Adeosun not to come to his shop where he sold cars at Sawmill, Ibadan again after the two parted ways but  Adeosun who is also a car dealer, did not heed his friend’s warning.

According to a neighbour, Adeosun went to Akeem’s outlet Thursday morning and soon both of them engaged in a scuffle when Akeem tried to drag him out of his shop. After minutes of tussle, Akeem slumped, as he was trying to push out Adeosun.

Akeem was immediately rushed to State Hospital, Adeoyo, Ibadan.  He was reported to have died before he got to the hospital.

The situation became more charged when Akeem’s children got wind of what had happened.  They went to Adeosun’s home to avenge their father’s death.

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They broke part of the fence with an axe, broke all the louvres and smashed the slide windows. They also damaged the car they found in the compound.

Before the mob arrived, someone had called Adeosun’s wife telling her of the incident. She evacuated the house very quickly and also got her children out of the nearby school to prevent them from being attacked.

Policemen from Gbagi Police Station, Old Ife road, Ibadan, have arrested some of the boys who vandalised Adeosun’s home after he reportedly went to report the incident to the police.

—Seun Bisuga

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