Fruit Hawkers Invade High Court


A federal high court in Lagos has now become a veritable ground for fruit hawkers as they are seen in the court premises, court rooms, offices and even in the judges chambers selling their fruits in transparent plastic packs. A pack sells for N100.

As early as 9 O’clock in the morning when the judges are already sitting in the courts, the fruit hawkers take over as they move from one chamber to the other.

In the afternoon when the judges retire to their chambers, the hawkers take their operation to the court rooms where  they are patronised by lawyers, litigants and court officials.

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Any one coming to the courts for the first time will think there is a fruit party going on as the courts sometimes become rowdy when hawkers fight over customers.

Apart from the chambers and the court rooms, the offices are not left out in the hawkers quest to sell their wares.