'PDP Has Nothing But Failure To Teach Lagos'


The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress has told the Lagos PDP and Olabode George that the Fashola government and the ACN have nothing to learn from the PDP and President Jonathan on the ban on commercial motorcycle operators on some roads in Lagos or in any aspect of governance.

The party said both the PDP and the Jonathan government have nothing but decay, atrophy, corruption, incompetence and such other symptoms of bad governance to teach a working, well-governed state like Lagos, noting that it is absurd that someone like Bode George should advise the Lagos State government to emulate the Federal Government that has become a symbol of failure in the last 13 years.

In a statement signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Joe Igbokwe, the party said it was reacting to the reported view of Bode George that Governor Fashola should learn from President Jonathan and the PDP on the restriction of commercial motorcycle operators from some major roads in Lagos. It wondered what message Bode George wants to send as there is nothing a Federal Government and a party that has crippled the country in nearly 14 years of irresponsible, corrupt and mediocre leadership can teach a state like Lagos.

“In advising Lagos State government to emulate the PDP and the Federal Government, we are blank on what aspect he was referring to. Does he recommend the Lagos State government to emulate PDP and the Jonathan presidency on the sordid mess the PDP has rendered all federal roads in 13 years of unmitigated decay? Does he want Fashola to emulate the PDP’s acrid record in reducing Nigeria to an enclave in Somalia with the intractable security crisis we are facing at present? Does Bode George want Fashola and the ACN to emulate PDP’s overwhelming youth unemployment in an oil rich nation?

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“Lagos ACN wants to call to mind that we supported the decision of the Lagos State government to restrict okada operations in certain roads in Lagos principally on the uncountable deaths and maiming that mount by the day from accidents involving okada operators and on the need to curb the role of okada in crime cases. But since the decision to ban okada in Lagos, the PDP had found it an anchor in reviving their dead political dream in Lagos. They have made the ban on okada the sound bite of their every political gamble and that is what ostensibly prompted Bode George’s incoherent and illogical advice. But Lagosians should think deeper before guzzling PDP’s cheap sentiments. We want to state that from every credible records, the rate of okada related accidents in Lagos has gone down drastically while crime rates has also dropped drastically in Lagos since the ban on okada operations in some states in Lagos. This is apart from the sanity the decision impacted on road usage in Lagos.

“Lagos ACN recalls that it was the PDP federal government that first banned okada operations in the Federal Capital Territory and we did not hear Bode George and his Lagos PDP criticize this move. Over ten PDP states have gone ahead to ban okada operations in their states and we hadn’t heard a whimper from Bode George and his Lagos PDP. States like Enugu, Delta, Imo (when it was under the PDP), Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, etc are all PDP states which have all banned okada operations and we had never seen or heard Bode George and his PDP offering even any opinion on this.

“How come these people believe that a partial restriction of okada operations in Lagos is now a mortal sin when PDP states have carried out total ban on okada in their states? What exactly does Bode George want Lagos to learn from his PDP on this score?” the party queried.

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