Muslim Leader Wants Veil For Female Students


Sheik Salaudeen Olayiwola, the President of Osun Muslim Community, has urged the state government to approve the use of hijab (veil) for Muslim female student in secondary schools.

Olayiwola, who made the call at a news conference on the Hijrah celebration slated for 15 November said there was no secrecy attached to the use of veil in Islam.

Hijrah is the migration of the Holy Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina when his life was threatened by idol worshippers.

The cleric said the period marked a turning point in the process of Islamic movement when Muhammad preached against idolatry and corruption.

Olayiwola said even the Holy Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, called Maryam in Islam, had used the veil during her lifetime, noting that the Roman Catholic Reverend Sisters had continued with the practice.

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“If the Catholics have continued to use the same veil in the Church, public places and schools without complaints, Muslims too could use it.”

He said that the Muslims accepted Jesus Christ as the prophet of God and Mary, his mother, as a blessed woman, stressing that she was also a mother to the Muslims.

“We want our female children to use hijab in their schools. In Mecca, every woman uses it and the governor should allow female Muslim students to wear it as well.

“We appreciate the efforts of the governor in providing school uniforms for the students but he should include hijab in the dress code for female Muslim students,” he added.

On the social relevance of hijrah, the cleric explained that the celebration symbolised the decision to leave what had been considered bad to embrace a good thing in life.