Diet Tricks You Must Not Fall For [2]

Sharon Jane Akinyemi

Sharon Jane Akinyemi

Sharon Jane

Some diet advice and counsel do look good and acceptable on the surface, but when you draw closer and dig deeper they are full of deception and tricks.

We had the luxury of dealing with some of the dieters’ tricks last week, and we mentioned a few of them but those were not all there is. Let me take you further to know more dieters’ tricks you must watch out for.

Crash Diets

Crash dieting damages the body, disrupting DNA and lowering metabolism. Aim for health, don’t go for the fad. You may lose a lot of weight fast but end up in bed, unable to show off your new figure.

Try A Taste

Sometimes what you really need is a taste of something delicious. You don’t really need to eat the whole thing! Instead of a bottle of soft drink, cut some oranges or your favourite fruit and savour that.

Go gently on sweets after meals. Some dentists say not to chew gum, as it stresses the jaw joint. But I chew peppermint gum sometimes. It’s the minty taste I’m craving, so I’ll pop in a piece after a meal.

It keeps my mouth busy and out of trouble ! (plus I’m not crazy about bad breath.) Or try brushing your teeth with fresh-smelling toothpaste. It leaves a sweet clean taste in your mouth that you will learn to love.

Seek Support

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Studies reveal that dieters who feel supported by family and friends lose the most weight and keep it off.

Join a weight watchers group of some sort or create one. Recruit a friend. Try on-line support groups like ours ( Am sure you will gain more from our page.

Exchange Cardio For Carbs

Dopamine and serotonin are two chemicals in the brain that are pleasure producing. They are released when we overeat. A binge on carbohydrates sweets, biscuit, cake, chocolate, potato chips, fries-flood our brains and bodies with feeling of satisfaction, calm comfort and pleasure. That’s why food has such a soothing effect. No wonder we eat those things –that’s a lot of bang for our buck! Aerobic exercise does the same thing, releasing the “feel good hormones” with no weight gain, when down in the dumps, talk yourself into a five minute walk. Once you are out there, the fresh air and physical movement will lift your spirits, encouraging you to continue on.

Stick By Your Standard

Another way I control my weight  is to hold to a standard. I have a maximum weight that I allow myself to climb to, but I won’t go over that. I tell my husband, “I’m right at the line again. If I go over, I start to look fat.” He always reassures me, “You don’t look fat….” That gives me at least another week to overeat before I’m  forced to face reality.

I like this little game. But when I hit the max, I cut back on calories. I watch my food intake throughout the week. If we splurge on the weekends, then I reduce my meals on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (or whatever it takes). If I eat breakfast out and overdo, then I don’t eat the rest of the day and have soup for supper. We all know it’s easier to lose three kilograms than thirty. Maintenance is easier than overhaul.

In Nigeria our craving mechanism are out of wack. Sometimes we feel like we just want “something” and we don’t know what it is. We forage around in the kitchen, when what we really  need is  a drink of clean pure and refreshing water.

When you get a craving, try drinking a big glass of water first. Wait a few minutes and see if your hunger calms down because it was really thirst that was calling. Experts say that any craving will go away if you wait fifteen minutes before indulging it. Go indulge in a distraction instead!

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