Uche Jombo Fumes Over Nose Job Rumour


Actress Uche Jombo is angry. The movie producer is riled by the speculations that she had gone under the surgeon’s knife in the United States for a nose job.

The rumour was fueled after the actress had unveiled on Instagram a striking new look taken at the premiere of the hilarious comedy ‘Okon Goes To School’ at the Ozone Cinemas, Lagos.

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In the picture, Uche’s nose appeared slightly thinner. And some of her followers wasted no time suggesting that she had undergone rhinoplasty.

Fuming Uche hit back at talebearers via Twitter: “Dear clueless one, stop talking ****shit. If I want to do surgery, my nose and face will be the last thing I will touch because I am wonderfully made by God. Sincerely, Uche Jombo-R.”

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