Coach Urges Administrators To Motivate Athletes


Emilia Oyase, the Discus Coach of Team Oyo, says athletes should be motivated with incentives and urged sports administrators to make it a priority.

Oyase said that during her active days as an athlete, she was motivated to be patriotic.

“Incentives are very good in encouraging athletes to perform better at competitions and should be encouraged in the sports industry.

“However, it should not be the only basis for athletes to compete because patriotism is also a way of firing the competitive spirit of athletes.

“Nowadays, athletes decline to compete for states and the country because of the quest for incentives. So, they need to be motivated, in line with the realities of the society,” she said.

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Oyase said that incentives promised athletes representing the states inspired them to perform better in their events.

The discus coach told NAN that sports had been able to engage the Para-athletes positively, to redirect their energies away from vices.

“I am happy to see Para-athletes striving hard to earn a living through sports and not begging on the streets,’’ she said.

She, therefore, urged state governments to always ensure good welfare for their physically-challenged athletes.

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