My Dad’s Death Shattered My Plans


Evangeline Ositelu is one of the daughters of late Nigerian veteran journalist, Deacaon Ayo Ositelu, who died on 9 January  at a hospital in Lagos. Evageline is 17 years old, and just completed her secondary school education at Babington Macaulay Seminary in Ikorodu. She spoke about her situation with our reporter, Sunday Akintoye and photographer, ABEEB OGUNBADEJO 

How did you receive the death of your dad?

It was a day I could not forget in my life. If somebody told me that I will lose my dad this New Year, I will not take such person serious at all. I was at home with him and my mother when my dad complained about dizziness, and he was rushed to Topaz Hosiptal in Surulere, where he died.

 Did you go to the hospital with your mum when your dad was rushed there?

No, I was asked to stay back and when my mum returned home late that evening, she told me that my dad died shortly after they got to the hospital. It was a sad news for me, because I could not believe that I would lose my dad as a teenager.

 It was gathered that members of the family were planning how they would celebrate your dad’s 70th birthday, which comes up on 6 April. Were you also preparing for his birthday?

It was true that we were making such plans before death snatched him away from us. We were even thinking of how we would celebrate his birthday in an elaborate way, but unfortunately, we lost him I have lost my mentor, my adviser and a caring father whom I love so much.

 How will you describe your dad?

(She bursts into tears) My dad was a very kind, lovely person, one man that one can relate with. He was always there for me, and we used to discuss sports whenever  we were together especially tennis. Everybody knows in this country that my dad is a tennis expert, and we discussed tennis than football during his lifetime.

I will miss him in many ways. When my dad was alive, he showed that fatherly care and he also kept advising me about what to do as a young girl, we used to go out together to functions or social events. Now that he is no more, who will do that for me.

 Your dad died as a veteran journalist, are you thinking of becoming a journalist in the near future?

Not at all, I wish to become a medical doctor, and when I told my dad this, he was in support of my vision. But his death has shattered my plans now, I can only pray that God gives gives me the grace to achieve my dream.  His death has left all us without anyone we can call our  father again.

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