Ojota Residents Seek Fashola's Action Over Unsafe Water


Residents of Ojota in Kosofe Local Government Area of Lagos State have sent a ‘save-our-souls‘ message to Governor Babatunde Fashola following muddy water flowing from public taps.

Some residents of the area who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Wednesday, said that the appeal became imperative as the development posed a danger to the health of the people.

One of the respondents said that the water could cause typhoid fever and other water-borne diseases.

“We don’t fetch water again from the public taps, even though it is running; we buy water from the vendors which is not economical.

“People who are into water business are now making good sales even though the tap is still running. We are begging the water corporation to come to our aid,” he said.

Ms. Nkechi Okoro, a lawyer, urged officials of the water corporation to visit the area and investigate the source of the problem.

Okoro said that she fetched the muddy water only for sanitary purpose, adding that the water discoloured the water closet.

“Before we use the water for anything meaningful, we have to allow it to settle for about three hours.

“It is not advisable to drink such water because it might lead to sickness in the community, especially in children. So, some of us try to buy water for cooking and drinking.

“I believe we are supposed to enjoy good potable water which is one of the MDG goals yet to be achieved in our country. Water Corporation should wake up to its responsibilities,“ Okoro said.

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Mr. Waheed Latti, a motor mechanic, said that the community had complained to the corporation but that no concrete action had been taken.

“We, the mechanics, only use the water just to wash customers’ cars after repairs, we cannot drink, we cannot use it for anything good.

“The water sellers are now making good sales. While the public tap was good, the water business was very dull. We don’t know if the owners have gone to tell them not to repair the tap,” Latti said.

An official of the corporation who refused to disclose his identity, said there was no record of such report.

He said that it was the duty of the corporation to ensure members of the public enjoyed clean potable water.

He said the problem might have been caused by a burst pipe underground which could be exposed to mud and dirt.

“We ensure that we pump clean water into the channels; for such problem to occur, it means the pipes are broken or tampered with.

“We purify the water as often as possible, and we visit any complain of broken pipes when they are lodged at any of our offices,“ he said.

He gave an assurance that immediate action would be taken to address the situation.