The Kano Bus Park Blasts


Nigerians were again jolted by the bombing of a Lagos-bound luxury bus and other south-bound buses at the Sabon Gari area of Kano Monday. Scores of people were killed  and dozens seriously injured in that attack. This bombing brings into  focus the spate of attacks that the Boko Haram terrorist group have carried out in recent times.

It is sad that this highly condemnable attack is coming less than two weeks after President Goodluck Jonathan’s publicised visit to Maiduguri, the hotbed  of terrorist attacks in Nigeria. It is also ironical that the terrorists chose to carry out the attack after the Sultan of Sokoto had asked the federal government to grant the Islamic fundamentalists amnesty.

It is disheartening that these terrorists continue to carry out these dastardly acts despite the assurances of the Joint Task Force that they are “on top of the situation.” The truth is,  these attacks are not just exposing the underbelly of our nation but also revealing the inability of the federal government to bring the chaotic security situation in the country under control. There is insecurity everywhere and Nigerians are no longer safe.

This country is in dire straits, and the spate of bombings is calling the corporate existence of Nigeria to question. Nigerians are daily greeted with news of one bomb blast or the other. And if things continue this way, the disintegration of this country of ours is just a question of time.

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That those buses were bombed Monday is enough proof that a certain  people from a particular part of this country are targets of these attacks.

And it also shows in no small measure that Nigerians have yet to learn from the past because it is this kind of targeted killings that presaged the Nigerian civil war in 1967. If we don’t want to  experience our gory past once again, it is high time government lived up to its responsibility.  Enough is enough.

While we sympathise with all those who may have lost their loved ones in the Kano bus park bombing and other attacks, we call on the federal government to ensure that life and property are safe and secure in this country. What is the primary responsibility of government if it cannot protect life and property? Nigerians should be free to live in any part of the country, regardless of their tribe or religion.