'Dearth Of Tourney Kills Cycling'


Ayilo Buraimoh, an Assistant Coach with the Lagos State Cycling Association, has urged incoming board of the association to concentrate on sponsorships, in order to be able to transform the sport.

Buraimoh told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that the poor strides being made in the sport were because of a dearth of competitions, from lack of sponsorships.

“Cycling is expected to have moved far ahead of where it is today. The main problem is a lack of competitions at both state and national levels.

“We have many cyclists across the country, but there are little or no competitions to showcase their talents. The only visible competition appears to be only the National Sports Festival.

“For instance in Lagos, our cyclists are not happy because there are no competitions, even after several training efforts,’’ he said.

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The coach suggested that the leadership positions should be left for people who would be proactive about sourcing for sponsors for competitions.

According to him, sports managers who rely solely on government support to do anything will be an obstacle to the development of cycling in the country.

“Cycling has been a sleeping sport that will need to be resuscitated through regular sponsorship of competitions.

“Nigerian cycling can qualify for the Olympics. All we need are modern cycles, experienced coaches, regular competitions and incentives to encourage progress,’’ he said.

He urged the managers of the sport in Lagos State to work hard in getting sponsors to organise competitions to promote the sport

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