Exam Fever Grips Leadcity Students


The students of Leadcity University, Ibadan, are preparing for their second semester examination and they have kept attending one tutorial after the other.

P.M.NEWS Campus Square findings also revealed that the school authorities will hold a meeting with the students later today and failure to attend the meeting will likely affect students’ seating arrangement during the examination.

In a chat with our correspondent, one of the final year students of the institution, Ayoronke Ayooni, said that she had been having several tutorials in a build-up to the examination as she cannot afford to fail.

“I’ve been studying really hard for many reasons but most importantly because I’m in my final year and it won’t make any sense for me to fail for whatever reason. I can’t afford to fail this examination.

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“The same thing with most of my colleagues who will be writing this exam because they’ve also been studying really hard for the exam, but there are also students who aren’t studying as much as some of us. They have their reasons though,” she added.

Another final year student who confided in P.M.NEWS Campus Square offered that students of the institution have learnt to study hard prior to exams because not doing so might backfire when it is time to write in examination.

“In this school, you have to read your brains out because if you don’t, you might be stranded in the exam hall. The meeting they have called us to attend today is almost as important as the exam itself, so everybody is gearing towards writing in good shape. We’ve been around for sometime now and we know better than to cheat during exams,” he said.

Sources at the institution revealed that the examination is always held under a very strict situation. The exam starts on 10 June.

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