Thief Escapes Lynching At LASU Campus


A pick-pocket, Peter Uche, 22, escaped being lynched Sunday at Lagos State University, LASU, Anthony campus, when he tried to steal a female student’s purse from her bag.

The Assistant Director (AD) of School of Part-time Studies,  LASU Anthony Campus, Dr. Surajudeen Mudasiru, prevented him from being lynched.

The mob, which was determined to make Uche a scapegoat following previous thefts on the campus, was appeased to by Dr. Mudasiru so that the police could take charge of the situation.

Uche’s arrest was carried out by vigilant onlookers who became suspicious of his movement within the university premises.

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Uche who said hails from Imo State, confessed to P.M.NEWS that he is not a student of the school but had been involved in previous theft cases in the university premises.

“I was here yesterday (Saturday), but didn’t see anything to steal. Please forgive me, it’s the devil’s work,” he pleaded.

According to Sola Adekunle, an eye witness,” I saw him parading a class pretending as if he was making a call and attempting to unzip a bag but when he discovered he couldn’t, he moved to another class. So I started following him and alerted other colleagues of mine in the process before we caught him dipping his hand into the bag of a student buying something within the school’s premises.”

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