Odua Group Slams Obasanjo

•Obasanjo… His loyalists shown the door

•Obasanjo: criticised by party men

A patently pro-Goodluck Jonathan group, Odua Elites Solidarity Movement, has come down hard on former president, Olusegun Obasanjo (OBJ).

In a one-page advertorial titled OBJ: The Familiar Path and published in some national dailies Wednesday, the group, which statement was signed by Olanrewaju Ajeigbe Thompson, upbraided Obasanjo over his recent attacks on the President Jonathan administration.

The group lambasted Obasanjo for calling for the replacement of Jonathan’s administration barely one year into his 4-year tenure because “Jonathan had resisted his (OBJ’s) ruling of Nigeria through him.”

According to the group, Obasanjo “runs down anyone he cannot control, and kills any idea that is not baked by his confines.”

The Odua Elites Solidarity Movement also carpeted Obasanjo for leaving the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway worse in 2007 than when he met it in 1999, as well as the Benin-Ore road, yet he went to Jigawa State on 29 May, 2013 to praise the State Governor, Sule Lamido for doing a good job on road construction.

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The group said it was during the Obasanjo administration between 1999 and 2007 that there was massive retrenchment of workers following the privatization of companies, yet he is now crying out that the prevailing unemployment in the country is a time-bomb.

“His banking reforms instead of generating jobs at the end of the day created plea bargainers. Many customers died of the shock from crashed banks. He encouraged Nigerians to go into cassava farming without any commensurate policy on commercial evacuation of produce. The children of those farmers are now living to tell the stories of their late parents who invested either borrowed funds, pension and gratuity or their last savings in cassava cultivation without buyers,” the group said.

On Obasanjo’s comment that “corruption is endemic in Jonathan’s regime” the group said: “that is a perception. Well, when the time comes, Nigerians would ask how twenty thousand naira in 1998 (said to be Obasanjo’s total savings) allegedly grew to trillions in 2007.”

The group also took up Obasanjo on his holier-than-thou attitude and concluded by saying that “May God keep us alive so that we see past 2015 and the dividends of these recycled antics. It is a familiar path. Nothing new.”

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