Microgames Networks Launches Online Casino


Microgames Networks, has launched Nairagames.com, Nigeria’s first online casino which features instant wins on the “wheel of wealth” games.

According to the Managing Director and Chief Executive of Microgames Networks, Barry Nyong, “the new platform is designed to make online gaming as easy as possible, with no software to install, requiring only flash player and java enabled computer browser, which is today’s global de facto standard for real time gaming”.

The company also announced the release of its simplified version of the popular American roulette game to Nigeria’s online gaming market, after having received the go ahead from the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC).

“The Nairagames.com portal which is designed to provide both online arcade and casino gaming services is Nigeria’s first and only online casino for now, and provides only roulette gaming.

“Nairagames.com video roulette is currently the simplest roulette casino game worldwide, as it eliminates the learning complexity associated with traditional roulette casino gaming, leaving gamers with a game that is simple to play, yet thrilling with super lucrative payouts.

“Rewards for Nairagames players begin once they register at the portal. New players are randomly pampered with stunning N500 to N20,000 bonus, and returning players between N2,500 to N15,000 just for logging in. Winners can redeem wins within 24 hours as it is transferred directly to bank accounts or via mobile payment. It can also take up to five days to redeem depending on amount won,” Nyong added.

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“There’s no better place to get lucky than here.  Roulette is a fun wheel wealth game played in casinos, and requires that you place a bets and spin the wheel to see what you win.

Unlike most online casinos, our wheel of wealth game does not generate its numbers from our server, so we have no control over what numbers are generated.

“Our games are browser based and the numbers are randomly generated on players PCs or mobile phones, with each generated number independent of the previous. This is because our priorities are not only to entertain, but also to enrich our members, as well as foster a loyal and trustworthy online gaming environment. We understand how vital it is that our players are 100% confident in our casino game fairness,” Nyong added.

“We are also doing our best to ensure that Nairagames’ recharge vouchers are circulated widely to enable ease of top up by online gamers, and have taken gigantic leaps to facilitate this by enabling instant and secured customers payments via Visa card, MasterCard and Verve cards, over the internet, mobile and at ATM machines, courtesy of QuickTeller solutions from InterSwitch.

“Another micropayment strategy, is our proprietary solution in the member area that provides the technology for users interested in profiting from distribution and retail of Nairagames’ vouchers, to purchase online, instantly generate 50 to 5,000 vouchers,  format and set to a regular desktop printer in just five minutes, anywhere in Nigeria.

“This is guaranteed to generate steady revenue for voucher dealers as we are giving up to 60 per cent profit margins to smart businesses planning to key in for quick profits, and as part of our market penetration strategy,” he added.

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