I Can’t Do Without My Boyfriend


A 15-year old girl (name withheld) shocked the police and her parents when she told them that she couldn’t do without her boyfriend.

She abandoned her education and left her parents’ house at Isheri road in Ijegun and went to live with Lateef Adeyanju, her boyfriend at his house at Olorunfemi Street, Isheri Oshun  in Lagos State, southwest Nigeria.

After searching for her for several days, her parents discovered that she was living with Lateef.

They went to the police at Isheri Oshun Division and reported that their daughter had been abducted and kept in Lateef’s house.

When the police met her at Lateef’s house, she shocked both the police and her parents by telling them she loves him and none of them could treat her the way Lateef was treating her, including sleeping with her.

When the police counselled and told her that she was still young to understand what love is all about and told her to face her education, she said age was not a barrier to falling in love.

She said she knew what she wanted in life and they should leave her alone to live her life.

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After the police cautioned her and handed her over to her mom identified as Helen, she returned again to Lateef’s house the following day. Following the development, the police arrested her, her mother Helen, Lateef and his mother, Ramota Adeyanju for their alleged complicity in the matter.

They were all charged before Ejigbo Magistrate’s court, presided over by Mrs M. B. Folami, for various offences.

The teenager was charged with indecent practice by packing her belongings and living  with a man.

Her mother, Helen was charged with criminal negligence by allowing her under aged daughter to live with a man.

Lateef and his mother Ramota were charged with abduction and conduct likely to cause breach of public peace.

When the matter came up for hearing in court, the magistrate ordered that it should be transfered to a juvenile court because of the age of the girl.

—Cyriacus Izuekwe

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