Nigeria Seized 3.4m Kilogrammes Of Drugs In 23 Years

Ahmadu Giade, NDLEA chairman

Ahmadu Giade, NDLEA chairman

Nigeria’s anti drug trafficking agency said on Thursday it has seized 3.4 million kilogrammes of hard drugs in the country and secured the conviction of 21, 871 drug offenders in its 23 years of existence.

“Since the agency began operation in 1990, we have successfully intercepted a total of 3,434,966.23kg of narcotics from drug barons. This includes 2,827,861.70kg of cannabis, 178,120.73kg of cocaine, 195,283.92kg of heroin and 233,699kg of psychotropic substances. In addition, 21,871 drug traffickers have also been convicted,” said Ahmadu Giade, NDLEA Chairman.

He gave the statistics while flagging off a weeklong programme of activities in commemoration of the 2013 International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking in Abuja.

The United Nations adopted 26 June of every year as world drug day following resolution 42/112 of 7 December 1987. In Nigeria, the activities start on Thursday and will end on Wednesday 26 June.

Giade said the theme for the year is ‘New Psychoactive Substances’ with the slogan; “Make Health Your ‘New High’ In Life Not Drugs”.

According to the NDLEA boss, the annual commemoration has given a major impetus to the global anti-drug campaign.

He listed some remarkable achievements of the country to include the single seizure of 14,200kg of cocaine at the Tincan Island Port, Lagos in 2006.

The seizure was rated the largest single seizure of cocaine in Africa and fifth largest in the world.

A notorious drug baron, Akindele Ikumoluyi who specialises in sponsoring drug couriers to Europe and America was arrested and convicted.

In addition, two drug barons, a Chinese, Richard Wang and a Taiwanese, Fong Chui Sen who imported 450.400kg of cocaine from Chile were among other drug barons successfully convicted.

Giade also pledged to expose more drug barons in the days ahead.

“Our impressive scorecard made the United States government to remove Nigeria from the Drug Majors List in 2010. We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding which has further enhanced our working relationship with the United States,” Giade said.

“Today, there is a specialised Joint Unit comprising NDLEA officers and that of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (USDEA). More drug barons shall be exposed in the days ahead,” he added.

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Giade said that the theme of the year is most appropriate considering the discovery of illegal drug production factories in the country.

“The agency uncovered five clandestine laboratories used for the production of methamphetamine, a class ‘A’ psychotropic substance. Four of these illicit drug production factories were discovered in Lagos while the fifth laboratory was detected in Nanka village, Anambra State”.

Giade said N33.1 billion worth of drugs was seized from drug barons in 2012.

“The estimated monetary value of seized drugs in 2012 hit N33.1 billion. We are glad to have dispossessed drug syndicates of such a huge amount of money because the financial empowerment of criminals is an open invitation to chaos with its associated security implications. We therefore need to halt their nefarious activities”.

Cannabis used to be the only locally produced drug in the country before the recent discovery of methamphetamine production laboratories.

Trafficking in methamphetamine has also assumed a new threat because of its rapidly growing global market. Locally produced methamphetamine is mainly smuggled to Asia, Europe, South Africa and United States.

In 2012, the Agency adopted various measures that led to the destruction of 1,404.27 hectares of cannabis farms.

A total of 8,052 suspected drug traffickers were investigated within the period under review.

“This comprises of 7,510 males and 542 females. We successfully intercepted a total of 233,699.875kg of narcotics. The seizures include 228,794.13kg of cannabis, 3,905.447kg of psychotropic substances, 461.15kg of ephedrine, 211.325kg of heroin, 176.55kg of methamphetamine, 131.888kg of cocaine and 19.385kg of amphetamine,” NDLEA said in a statement.

NDLEA said it saved 40 young Nigerians from premature death outside the country in 2012 as they were caught trying to smuggle drugs to Malaysia, Indonesia, China and other countries with capital punishment for drug trafficking.

“In 2012, Edo State led in the table of drug seizures with 81,541.71kg. This was closely followed by Ondo State with 61,246.35kg.  Delta State occupied the third position with 23,418.48kg while Ogun, Oyo and Ekiti States followed closely in the 4th, 5ft and 6th positions with 8,469.99kg, 7,232.08kg and 6,685.23kg respectively.

“However, Kano State had the highest number of arrests in 2012 with 705 male suspects.  Katsina State occupied the second position with 411 suspects comprising 407 males and 4 females. Plateau was next with the arrest of 384 persons made up of 369 males and 15 females. The 4th position was occupied by Ekiti State with 383 suspects comprising 349 males and 34 females. Lagos State took 5th position with 321 persons comprising 305 males and 16 females while Delta State came 6th with 292 suspects comprising 243 males and 49 females,” NDLEA said.

—Simon Ateba

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