Homosexuality: Nigerian governor blames parents


Gov. Gabriel Suswam of the Middle Belt Nigerian state of Benue on Tuesday in Makurdi blamed parents for homosexuality and lesbianism among youths.

Suswam slammed the blame at a ceremony marking the 2013 International Day of the Family, which has the theme “Advancing Social Integration and Inter-generational Solidarity’’.

The day is celebrated every May 15 but was shifted to July 9 in Benue due to what was described as “unavoidable circumstances’’.

Nigerian lesbians: a governor blames parents
Nigerian lesbians: a governor blames parents
The governor said “since the family is the nucleus of any society, the consequences of anything that goes wrong with the family will be felt in all segments of the whole society.’’

He blamed parents for the depreciating family value, pointing out that societal value would be eroded if parents would not control their children.

“How on earth will a man want to marry his fellow man and a woman her fellow woman?’’ Suswam asked.

He pointed out that God’s creation was perfect and appealed to Benue people to desist from imbibing foreign culture but try to impose their own culture on foreigners.

Suswam said that parents had failed the society, and urged every parent to ensure that he or she contributes to the enhancement of the core values so as to redirect the society.

Also speaking at the occasion, the governor’s wife, Mrs Dooshima Suswam, lamented that “much of social and economic transformation, as well as a number of global events, have dislocated the family structure and interfered with its much-coveted family values and beliefs.’’

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“Cases of broken homes, juvenile delinquency, child abuse, drug abuse and the likes have become rampant in our society in the name of civilisation and globalisation.

“In the face of our economic hardship, most parents have taken to economic pursuits and thereby neglected children who are now prone to abuse and face danger in several other ways.’’

She regretted that the society’s highly-valued cultural practices were being downplayed and were fast disappearing from the cherished norms and ethics of the society.

Suswam, therefore, called on all Benue families to wake up to their responsibilities of ensuring proper upbringing of their children within the confines of their rich cultural values and custom.

She said that it was the only way to advance social integration and inter-generational solidarity within their families in Benue and Nigeria at large as “no father or mother will be exonerated from any form of recklessness of their children.’’

Also, the Commissioner for Women Affairs, Mrs Elizabeth Allagh, appealed to Benue men to value and recognise their women and give them equal opportunity.

“Women are the bedrock of every family,’’ she said.

.Are parents really to be blamed for homosexuality? Have your say.

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