Seeking Refuge In God’s House

• A cross section of particiapants during the programme

•A cross section of particiapants during the programme

At a time of political and economic downturn in Nigeria, many citizens, especially the Christians, have decided to seek refuge in God’s house. Hopelessness, hunger, an uncertain future stare many in the face. The high rate of unemployment in the country has become worrisome as government of the day has failed the populace. At this critical period, many throng churches seeking for solutions to their plight.

One of such occasions is the monthly miracle and revival programme of the Deeper Life Bible Church. Over 60,000 Nigerians have attend the Deeper Life Conference Centre, DLCC, held at Km 42, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway for last month’s programme, tagged: When Mountains Move.

•Pastor William Kumuyi during his sermon
•Pastor William Kumuyi during his sermon

The crowd was almost unprecedented. Many came to have their problem solved. Job seekers, sick folks, miracle seekers, the physically challenged, among others, came to the venue of the event to seek the face of God to get their problems solved once and for all. Some fasted, determined that God must shape their future for the better.

With the success of the May edition of the programme, tagged: Night of Total Breakthrough, the stage was set for the June edition, When Mountains Move. This edition came in double dose as it was combined with the mid-year celebration and the miracle and revival service programme. Thousands of worshippers were keyed into a state of excitement when the programme was announced.

Very early on 29 and 30 June, 2013, all roads in the Lagos metropolis seemed to lead to the DLCC for the programme. Non-members of Deeper Life were among the thousands of participants who besieged the event’s venue seeking solutions to their problems.

Series of seminars were held separately for the adults, campus students and secondary school students. All seminars were centred on moving mountains (problems) in the lives of participants and practical Christian living. Youths had the opportunity of listening to mountain-breaking seminars. Some of the topics are: Confronting and Commanding your Mountains to Move, Dividing your Red Sea through Prayer and Faith, Moving Insurmountable Mountains by Prayer, Faith and Fasting and Moving the Mountains of Failure and Stagnancy.

With such orchestral musical renditions as With Signs Following and Christ Jesus Hath The Power, the faith of thousands of worshippers was raised. Some sang with their eyes closed while others were in deep meditation. Those who could not gain entrance into the large auditorium spread their clothes outside and sat, listening to the faith-building messages.

The moment of expectations came when the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi mounted the podium to deliver his first sermon of the programme: Move your Mountains and Make Progress, just as he defined mountains as problems in the lives of Christians, while counselling his listeners to forget others and move their own mountains and make progress. He reminded the participants that their problems could only be solved through faith in God.

Later, he delivered the second sermon titled: The Power That Moves Every Mountain, where he assured expectant participants that mountains of sicknesses, attacks and strange occurrences in their lives would be moved away by the power of God, adding that “as Jesus comes tonight, every problem in your life will be removed. Afflictions will be removed.

“The Lord will put joy and jubilation in your heart. Mountains of demonic oppression will move away. Besetting sins will move away. Since Jesus is here with us, he will heal all sicknesses and diseases. God has not changed.”

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•A cross section of particiapants during the programme
•A cross section of particiapants during the programme

The revered man of God urged participants to remove all obstacles that could hinder them from getting the best from the programme. Such obstacles, he said, were unbelief, unstable nature, ungodly negatives, unconverted nominalism and unbecoming naughtiness.

He told the congregation that Christ would only move their mountains away on the basis of his compassion for them, stressing that Christians were empowered to move mountains away from their lives on account of their connection to God.

Kumuyi encouraged the participants to have a fixed heart towards God, urging them to keep the word of God and ensure that they lived exemplary lives for the world to see Christ in them. “God has not changed; thus, participants should remain united in salvation, sanctification and make heaven their primary focus,” he admonished.

He stated that the hope of the nation is in the church and that the body of Christ must project Him by shunning all forms of shady deals and be united for a common purpose to salvage the nation from its present quagmire.

Hundreds of participants have testimonies to share about the goodness of God in their lives. According to Mr. Jeremiah Adesuyi, he was delivered from ritualists. He said he was kidnapped in Apapa but that on getting to where they were to sacrifice him, a voice shouted from inside the house “No, don’t bring Kumuyi to this place, take him back!” That was how he was brought back to the expressway and how he escaped the ritualists’ evil plan.

Mrs. Glory Salami, a middle-aged woman testified how her dead husband was brought back to life after she placed the pamphlet bearing Pastor Kumuyi’s picture on the dead body, saying  doctors had already confirmed the man dead.

As for Maureen Ebosele, who lives in Isolo area of Lagos, she had pain in the eye for three weeks, and that after Kumuyi’s prayer at the youth camp, the pain left her and that she received healing.

Also, Peace Anonyuo, who lives in Oshodi claimed she had pain in the gum, saying that during publicity for the programme, she placed the publicity handbills in the place she had the pain and that the pain ceased instantly. As for Solomon Ebenezer from Ajegunle, he had gonorrhea, and that God healed him when Kumuyi prayed for those with problems.

Likewise Adeyemi Joshua from Mushin claimed to have mental disorder and was healed after the ministration and prayers of Kumuyi.

—Kazeem Ugbodaga