Cop Who Raped Woman At Gunpoint Charged

•Mokolo Molekoa

•Mokolo Molekoa

A police constable who allegedly raped a woman at gunpoint has been charged before a South African Court.

While testifying in court, the victim identified as Nandi, said he put the gun to her head when she refused to have sex with him.

“I told him I was on my periods (sic), but he said it was a lie,” said Nandi.

•Mokolo Molekoa
•Mokolo Molekoa

But the officer would not take her word for it, placing his free hand inside her pants to check if she was telling the truth.

She wasn’t. “He said I was making a fool of him and threatened to kill me,” Nandi testified on Tuesday during the high court trial of Randburg police constable Mokolo Molekoa, which is sitting in the Lenasia Magistrate’s Court .

On June 30 last year, Nandi allegedly accepted a lift home from Molekoa after a team-building event she had attended.

She was introduced to him by a mutual friend the day before the incident.

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Molekoa allegedly used a different route to take her home and parked the car on the side of the road near an open field.

“I asked him why he stopped and he told me he wanted to throw up. He said throwing up wasn’t the only thing he wanted to do. He said he wanted to have sex with me.”

Nandi refused, and Molekoa then told her he loved her. She laughed at him and he pulled out the gun from between his thighs.

“He kept saying he wanted to have sex with me, and if I didn’t want to, he would shoot us both.”

After raping her, he told her his intention was never to hurt her because he loved her, she said.

He dropped her off at home around midnight and she reported the incident to police.

Molekoa faces 17 counts of rape and kidnapping, and 12 of robbery.

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