Lagos APC Slams PDP Scribe


The Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress has described as outlandish, petty and hollow the allegation by the Acting National Publicity Secretary of the PDP that Governor Fashola is a dictator based on the reintegration of 14 destitute to their home state.

The party said the allegation is the drunken conclusion of a desperate upstart trying to impress his principals on his suitability for the job of image maker to a failed, corrupt and clueless party that had taken the country to the graves in fourteen years of ruinous leadership.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Interim Publicity Secretary of the APC, Joe Igbokwe, the party said that having failed woefully in fourteen years of regressive politics, the PDP, which is crumbling from its own failures is now clutching  any imaginable straw to survive.

APC wondered why a party that had stolen hundreds of trillions of naira while promoting destitution, poverty and want in Nigeria, is so shameless to take advantage of the victims of its own corrupt governance to gain political favour.

“By trying to take advantage of the willful twisting of the action of the Lagos State government to relocate 14 destitute to their home states, the PDP through its wannabe Acting Publicity Secretary is showing the kind of irresponsible desperation that has hit the party as it comes in full contact with the fruits of its wanton plundering of state resources to render Nigeria a huge colony of beggars and destitute.

“By trying to buy into the selfish and perverted effort to twist and manipulate the facts of the exercise for political gains, a party that is so shameless to advertise multi trillion Niara scams is showing how dead to shame it has become as it battles to extend its corrupt and deadly reign in Nigeria. By stupidly buying into the convenient tales those that are seeking to gain from the fates of the hapless victims of PDP’s scorched earth policies in governance these past fourteen years, the PDP hierarchy is showing that nothing is too low for it to harvest in its quest for irresponsible power.

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“We ask the Acting PDP Publicity Secretary to help resolve the issues raised by the full disclosure by the Lagos State government on the resettlement issue, which bordered on communications between the Lagos and Anambra State governments on the 14 destitute prior to their resettlement. Thinking that it will walk away with trading in the cheap banalities offered by those that initially tried to benefit from the issue but who have gone into deep silence since the Lagos State government released details of its efforts to get the destitute properly reintegrated with their people.

APC further asks: “ Is this upstart of a publicity secretary not aware that almost every other state had done the same relocation he is now trying to harvest from? Is he not aware that his PDP had shipped out thousands of destitute and beggars from the Federal Capital Territory before he embarked on his journey of childish political profiteering?

“But, Nigerians should ponder to ask why an irresponsible party that has spread poverty, disease, destitution, want through the length and breadth of the country should think that Lagos will be there to deal with the victims of its corrupt excesses. Why should the PDP think that the army of destitute it had been pruriently churning after stealing hundreds of trillions of a fourteen years oil windfall must live off Lagos or no other place in Nigeria? Are PDP and its infantile Acting Publicity Secretary not ashamed that Nigeria has become a huge colony of destitute and poverty ridden citizens when it had harvested from a fourteen years unending oil boom as well as diverse fronts of mass extortion and exploitation?

“We are aware that the PDP is scared stiff by the emergence of the APC, the success of its governors and the potentials it offers Nigerians in the face of the grand and monumental failure of the PDP.”

APC also said in the statement that “We are aware that the PDP is presently beset by the deadly phobia for the APC but we want to assure them that nothing will stop their rustication in 2015. We urge the PDP to prepare for life outside power, after eating away fourteen years of the life of the nation through outright brigandage and clueless leadership.

“We want to let PDP know that Nigerians are proud of Lagos and the achievements of the APC government in Lagos in the period the PDP has wrecked the country and placed a heavy burden of destitution on Lagos. We assure the PDP that as Lagos remains the poster boy of what the APC government can do in the badly abused and viscerally damaged center, the APC is poised to start the recovery of Nigeria in 2015 and not even the desperate, insecure scare mongering of the PDP will stop this.”

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