The True Spirit Of An Enterpreneur


By Okoko Chidozie

The engine of development of any nation is the ability of her people to transform ideas into business, ability to pick up a thought and/or concept and materialize it. The most valuable resource on earth today, therefore is humans- who is created with the ability and nature to  create, hence opportunities abound everywhere to people who have trained their minds, spirits and sense to see wealth and business. Do  you aspire to become a successful entrepreneur? A lot of people nurse  the same desire but not everyone can accomplish it for various reasons.

There are lots to learn in the world of business and so, you should be willing to explore the different options in order to understand the right ways in which you must have an underlying characteristics to excel in your projects. An entrepreneur is one who organizes a new venture in the  hope of making profit ought to possess the true spirits  such as:

PASSION AND VERVE: If you do not fight to accomplish your goals, despite  numerous  challenges and setbacks, you will find it difficult to become an accomplished entrepreneur. The spirit of enterpreneurship is such that you are always ready  and willing to to take up the different challenges enterpreneurship ultimately presents. As an entrepreneur, you are sure to meet a lot of different hurdles because the world of  business is full of ups and down. You cannot expect the journey to be  smooth as there will be always moments that seem unbearable and these are the acid tests. Thus, if you possess this spirit, it will guide you in  such circumstances and provide you with the determination required to  see you through the bad times. No man can excel in the world of business without a resolve to find success. In addition, the burning desire to  excel will always engage you in competition with self-imposed standard with yourself.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Along with a firm-will and determination lies responsibilities of an entrepreneur. As an owner of the firm, you are responsible for your workers, the type of policy you follow, the way you help the society,  the good and bad decision you make as well as a whole host of other such responsibilities. It is not easy to become a successful entrepreneur  because you need to hone a lot of different skills.

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LEADERSHIP: This is the most important aspect of enterpreneurship. You must have an ability to lead so that you can induce the people to work with  confidence and zeal. John C. Maxwell asserts that a leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. It is an aid to authority and helps in better utilization of manpower. Having equipped himself with  leadership quality, an entrepreneur needs to lead from the front. Once, you have managed to do  so, you will be setting examples for  your crew to follow. This is  an example of inspirational leadership.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS: This is the skill through which both the sender and the receiver understand each other and are being understood. An entrepreneur must be well versed with the art of communication. You are required in many  situation to influence customers, employees, suppliers, creditors,  government and individuals from all walks of life, and make them think and act accordingly. An entrepreneur who can effectively communicate and convince these people will be more likely to succeed than the  entrepreneur who does not. Furthermore, you need to work on your communication skills as well as the information in the right channels  which will serve you purposefully. You must be willing to socialise and  make connections because when you do so, your business will undoubtedly continue to and grow.

HARD WORK: Entrepreneurs who successfully build new enterprise possess an intense  level of strong determination and willingness to work hard. They  possess a capacity to work for long hours and in spurts of several  days with less than normal amount of sleep. Through their hard work and  intense desire to complete a task, solve a problem or overcome hurdles they can achieve the never-ending goal of excellence

SELF CONFIDENCE: You must have confidence and belief in yourself to achieve the desired goal.

•Chidozie wrote from Lagos. E-mail: [email protected]

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