Goldie Was The Sweetest Friend I Had



Versatile musician, Zdon Paporella, tells BAYO ADETU about his kind of woman and his return to the music scene

You seem to have been on the quiet side for some time. What has been happening to you?

I’ve been busy working on my album and doing a lot of research as well. Being an entrepreneur now, I’m cautious as regards how to disburse my funds. I have also got back into presentation and school as well. I host a show for Etisalat on Music Africa which airs on Silverbird Television.

You’re also a producer. Can we say that production has been taking much of your time?

Production takes some of my time but time management is crucial to any businessman who wants to be successful, so I’ve learnt to manage time. I’m involved in quite a lot of activities these days and I thank God for His grace. Sometimes, I wonder where the energy comes from.

Now that your new single is doing quite well, how do you feel?

I’m really very happy that my new video, Crazy Love, which features Vector, is doing great now. I’m so amazed and give all glory to God. We decided to test the waters with the song and it became a hit. People call me every day to say ‘Zdon, we love your song Crazy Love and the video.’ I say big thanks to Soundcity, Music Africa, TVC, Galaxy, presenters and Djs for showing me so much love. It feels really good to be back on the scene.

Many years ago, you started as a R&B singer, but today, you do more of dancehall music. What informed that decision?

I’m evolving but you’ll always find elements of what I started with in my music. I also have some great R&B songs in my album. I just haven’t released any for promotion yet.

Does it mean that conscious music doesn’t sell in Nigeria?

From my research, I’ve learnt that not every hit sells. There are songs that will only remain hits for a while, people will dance to them in clubs, radio stations will play them and you’ll hear them in every corner you walk or drive pass, but people are most likely not to buy the albums. They’re good enough for mix tapes and free downloads, but people buy gospel songs, inspirational songs, love songs and music that lifts the spirit. So, I believe even though, these kind of songs (conscious music) are not played everywhere, people buy them and listen to them in their cars and private places.

You were quite close to the late Goldie Harvey. You were even rumoured to have dated her. How true?

I and late Goldie were close buddies. May her soul rest in peace. You know how you meet someone and you both have some qualities and views in common. We were very close but never dated…she was probably the sweetest and nicest person I knew so it’s quite sad that she passed on when she was at the peak of her career. Each time I think of it, it’s a constant reminder and lesson that we’re all visitors on earth and we should prioritise the right things in life. Arrogant, proud, pompous and rude people should know that even tomorrow is not a guarantee. God is the ultimate.

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What about rapper Eva Alordiah. What was your relationship with her?

Let’s just say, I was the first producer Eva Alordiah came to work with. Even at that time, it was obvious she was a star in the making and I’m very proud of her. She’s from my Mum’s place, so I also kind of see her as my sister. I thank God for what He’s doing in her life.

Who is your kind of woman?

My kind of woman is intelligent and natural.

Who is the woman in your life?

The woman in my life loves privacy, so I’ll respect that.

How do you relax?

I love indoor activities a lot. I’m more relaxed at home watching movies, reading e.t.c.

Aside music, what else are you into?

Besides music I’m a presenter, businessman and management consultant.

What’s your daily routine like?

My daily routine involves, praying, exercise, work, eat and sleep.

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