House of Reps to probe Oduah's BMW Cars

Stella Oduah

Stella Oduah: a new Oduahgate

Ayorinde Oluokun/Abuja

Nigeria’s House of Representative on Tuesday mandated its Committee on Aviation to probe the $1.6 million armoured car scandal involving Princess Stella Oduah, the Minister of Aviation.

The probe followed a motion by All Progressives Congress (APC) legislator, Samson Osagie, brought to the floor under matters of National importance.

“Over the past week, the nation has been inundated with the news of the purchase of $1.6m BMW bullet proof cars by the National Civil Aviation Authority for the Minister of Aviation,” Osagie said while moving the motion.

Stella Oduah
Stella Oduah

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He added that the purchase of the BMW cars at the princely sum of $1.6million were unnecessary as it amounted to wasteful spending:

“Given the poverty and unemployment ravaging our dear nation and its people, it will be absurd, unthinkable and indeed unpatriotic for an agency of government to connive with its political head to incur such expenditure simply for the comfort and safety of one public officer.”

The legislator said also added that the controversies generated by the car purchase have cast doubts over the sincerity of Jonathan’s administration to the fight against corruption.

The House subsequently mandated its committee on Aviation to investigate the matter and report back within one week with specific terms of reference that included the following:
-To find out whether it was correct that the purchase was made and whether the purchase was authorized by any appropriation law. They committee will also determine if the NCAA has been complying with Fiscal Responsibilities Act on the remittance of its internally Generated Revenue.
– The committee will also find out whether the minister is entitled to such vehicle under any law in Nigeria and whether the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and all anti- corruption agencies are not bound to investigate and prosecute all those involved if no appropriation law approved the purchase.
– The committee is also to find out whether (even if any appropriation law approved it) the President can retain the services of the minister and all those involved in the matter