I'm Happy In My New Marriage

•Laide Bakare1

•Laide Bakare

Yoruba actress, Laide Bakare, who recently re-married after a controversial break-up with her first husband, Mr. Okunfilure, tells P.M.NEWS Nollywood Reel about her new union and other issues

You just gave birth to a new baby. How has it been?

I feel blessed and I can say that God has been so good to me. I give thanks to God for giving me what I desired. My desire was to have a baby boy because I adore a male child. I am so happy.

•Laide Bakare
•Laide Bakare

Your new marriage that produced this child was characterized by controversies. What is the real situation of things?

It was all blackmail. I can’t join issues with a blackmailer, and I just concluded that such is life. Life is a teacher. I always believe in God and no man can destroy the work of God in me. And whosoever God has placed in a high place, nobody can pull down. I don’t know the objective of all the allegations, but I guess it’s a calculated attempt to bring me down by all negative forces. I just decided to keep quiet because you are spoken of only when you are relevant.

Who is the blackmailer? Who do you suspect?

I don’t know and I am not interested in knowing. All I am interested in knowing is God. All I know is that when God is working, no man can destroy such work.

Why did you decide to do a secret wedding this time around?

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I love my life to be as private as possible. If anybody feels it’s a bad choice, that’s his/her own opinion. My opinion is that since I am a popular entertainer, I deserve to make my private life my exclusive right. It’s not for public consumption.

What really went wrong between you and your estranged husband?

I just don’t want to discuss my private life.

How will you describe the new marriage?

I am in love, it’s good. I am contended and I am happy with my new life.

Your estranged hubby made several allegations against you. What’s your take?

I was nursing my baby when it all began. I was in a joyous mood and proud of whom I am. I was grateful to God for what He was doing and never had the chance to notice what he was saying.