Anambra 2013: It Is Ngige All The Way


By Joe Igbokwe

As the decision time draws near in Anambra State, a lot of forces are at play now. Money , gifts , rice , clothes, etc. are exchanging hands. I tell you, I see a desperate situation here, I see fear of losing election here, l see worries on the faces of the contestants,  l see fear of defeat here  but one thing is clear here: Dr Chris Nwabueze Ngige is still in the hearts of hearts of the good people of Anambra State. Anambrans still remember his past deeds, his records of achievements, his track records, his pedigree, his love for the people of Anambra, and all the risks he took to open the eyes of our people. To them it is pay back time and they are putting everything in place to reward him.

Since the end of the Civil War in 1970 this is going to be the hottest election in the history of that state. APC, PDP, APGA and Labour Party are the most visible ones and the most serious. They are leaving no stones unturned in the bid to outsmart one another. It is a war situation and they are deploying the weapons readily available to them. The verbal war is also on and it is getting personal. Nothing is hidden again. But the good thing about it is that each candidate knows the strength of his competitors.  The jokers know themselves, the not so serious one know themselves and they also know who is likely to be the winner.

However, there is no mistaking the man that rules the game. When you come to ground zero, you are not left in doubt who the people of Anambra, if they were allowed to exercise their God given mandate, will vest the responsibility of leading the state to the critical next level. His name is a household name and no other candidate in the contesting lot has this privilege. He stands so tall that in every corner of the state, he draws rave attention. At any ceremony he deigns to attend, he steals the show, to the frustration and consternation of his political opponents. He had worked so hard for the state. He liberated the state from political slavery and devoted the resources of Anambra State to work for the people of the state.

A few days to the decisive governorship election in Anambra, Ngige rules the air waves. His popularity soars by the day, as more and more people come to weigh those lined up to succeed Governor Peter Obi next March. With a careful review of the candidates on ground, it is obvious that Chris Ngige towers over the rest. His record in Anambra remains unbeatable. His courage, decisiveness and understanding of the politics of Anambra places him on pole position to not only come out successful but also make a huge impression with governance of Anambra if eventually elected. He combines courage, intelligence, charisma, wit, experience, tact to emerge the front runner in the contentious field that is filled with the serious, the  not so serious and the  jokers.

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The factor that makes Ngige so marketable is that with him, Ndi Anambra have good impression of where governance will take them. They have a reasonable impression that he will be his own man and will never ever compromise the interests of the state. These attributes are lacking in every other candidate in the field. They are so obvious because Ngige have had the opportunity to show all these in the past and he showed them in a resounding manner that many Anambra people can safely swear today that with Ngige in the saddle in Anambra State, they will sleep with the knowledge that their state is very safe.

So come this Saturday, every Anambra man and woman will troop out to crown Ngige and give him the mandate to continue the rescue work he started in 2003. Let Ndi Anambra renew the same commission with which Ngige liberated them from the clutches of the godfathers and opened their eyes that yes, indeed, their beloved state has the resources to attend to the needs of the people of Anambra contrary to the picture that was created before he came.

Let the generality of Ndi Anambra prove to the entire world that it knows what value-oriented politics entails by choosing the best candidate to take Anambra to the next level of development. A vote for Chris Ngige this Saturday will go a long way to define the Anambra man in positive light and further the ends of development in our dearly beloved state.

If Dr Chris Ngige pulls it this Saturday and he will, then it will leave no one in doubt that Igbo have successfully moved into world of progressive politics in Nigeria and things will never be the same again for Ndigbo. It will forever remain a turning point in the history of Igbo Nation in Nigeria. If Anambra State which remains the engine room of Igbo Nation is liberated  from unprogressive politics the way Ngige liberated the state from godfathers in 2003, then the entire Igbo Nation will get respite. I urge the good people of Anambra State to move away from primitive politics and move on with politics of ideas which APC represents.

•Igbokwe wrote from Lagos