Movement restriction fails in Anambra


The Nigerian Police has failed to restrict movement of residents in Anambra State ahead of the gubernatorial election today.

Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, ordered restriction of movement from 10pm on Friday until after the election today but near free movement has been experienced this morning.

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Commercial motorcycle, tricycle and buses have been plying the roads in Awka going about their business with no apprehension. 

Abiodun Ajijola, National Coordinator, Domestic Election Monitor, said he was surprised to find people moving very freely. “People without tags or accreditation have been moving freely. Commercial transporters have also been going about their business,” he said.He noted that the movement has however not disturbed the peace of the town. “There is peace despite the movement and I think that is a good thing.”Preparation have hit top gear at the INEC office. Security operatives and election officials are ready to kick off the election.