Complainant vows to drop charge if accused swear on Qu'ran

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A prosecution witness, Hassana Suleiman, has told a Mararaba Grade 1 Upper Area Court, in the central Nigerian state of Nasarawa that she would drop the case against two accused persons if they swear on the Qu’ran.

Suleiman of Angwan Kwata made the pledge in her testimony in the two-count charge of conspiracy and theft charge she brought against Mero Shuaibu, 30, and Jemilla Bello, 16, of Orange Market, Mararaba.

“I am willing to drop the case, if the accused persons agree to swear on the Holy Qu’ran that they did not steal my money. She told the court that two traders conspired and stole N15,000 from her bag when she went to their shop.

She said that she went into the accused persons’ shop to buy three seater cushion chairs from them.

“When I entered the first accused’s shop, I kept my bag and begged her and the second accused to burrow me N200 to pay the commercial motorcyclist, because I did not have N1000 change. They told me they did not have N200, so I left my bag on the floor in the shop, went outside to look for change which I eventually got and gave the motorcyclist N200.

“On my coming back into the room, I saw them searching my bag and I shouted at them telling them it is a bad attitude,” she said.

Suleiman also said that she immediately decided to search her bag and discovered that N15,000 was missing.

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“When I asked them if they were the ones who took the money, they denied it and wanted to make trouble with me. I reported the matter at the Police Station,” she said.

Also testifying, the second accused person, Bello said the case should go on because she was innocent of the charge.

The Judge, Mr Albert Maga, advised both parties to think whether or not they would agree to swear on the Holy Qua’ran as demanded by the complainant.

Maga adjourned the case to 4 December, for continuation.

The two accused Shuaibu and Bello were arraigned on 14 November on a two-count charge of criminal conspiracy and theft.

Prosecutor Friday Adaji told the court that Suleiman reported the matter at the ‘A’ Division Police Station on Oct. 30.

The accused persons had pleaded not guilty to the charge.