UK Visa May Become More Expensive


The visa and immigration services of the UK Border Agency (UKBA) might become costlier.

The UKBA is currently holding talks with partners to discuss the possible change in pricing system. Nothing has been determined so far.

“People who need permission to visit the UK and those who want to live, work or study here must pay a fee for their visa. It is important that we seek input into how we ensure that those who benefit directly from the immigration system and enhanced border control contribute appropriately to its costs in the future,” said Mark Harper, Minister of Immigration.

Having invited partners on the discussion table, the UKBA is reviewing the current pricing system from several angles, with discussion topics such as fee levels, legislation, refunds and administration funds, and premium and optional services.

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“We will be seeking views from stakeholders who have an interest in the way fees are set, the consistency and complexity of fees and on premium services. We are also seeking views on proposals on administrative reviews and refunds and how the Home Office interacts with third parties,” he continued.

The talks commenced on November 12 and were said to take place for three weeks.

A new fee structure was last implemented on April 6 this year, when most of the visa and immigration services became more expensive.

A short stay visit visa –previously (GBP) £ 78- is now £80 (Dh475). A two year visa increased in price from £270 to £278 (Dh1650), while the cost of a transit visa went from £52 to £54 (Dh320).