Wammako's deputy snubs APC move

aliyu wammako

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The Deputy Governor of the northern Nigerian state of Sokoto, Alhaji Mukhtari Shagari, has said that he remains a loyal member of the PDP in spite of the defection of Gov. Aliyu Wamakko to APC.

The state executive council, on Monday at its enlarged meeting presided over by Wamakko, approved a “mass defection” of the people of the state, including all commissioners and special aides, to APC.

But Shagari said he would not tag along to the APC.

He said that he had been a loyal and supportive member of the PDP since 1998 and would remain so.

According to him, “I am not aware of any move by Gov. Aliyu Wamakko and other members of the PDP to defect to the APC until today. I was never consulted by anybody and it was only today that I knew about the move. I have also been loyal to my governor and the party since we were elected in 2007 till date.”

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He said that he owed the responsibility and respect to be contacted on this issue.

“In politics, there is always room for dialogue, negotiations, mending fences and discussions. I joined PDP voluntarily and not because of anybody,” Shagari said.

The deputy governor said that he was a highly principled person.

“if I give my words, I give my words. I don’t have the habit of jumping from one party to the other.

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