Shelle’s Lagos PDP Should Join APC


By Joe Igbokwe

Recently, Tunji Shelle, the Lagos PDP chairman was in the news again. This time, it was during the Annual General Meeting of the Lagos PDP, where Shelle did what he is always known for since he became the Lagos PDP Chairman – celebrating mediocrity and corrupt trademark. Bereft of any reasonable thing to say, to justify its fake existence in Lagos, lacking in depth and capacity, Shelle followed his normal line of warped thinking and brazen falsehood.

In his empty speech at the meeting Shelle left no one in doubt that it was a gathering slated for the special purpose of appeasing President Goodluck Jonathan. The event was specially packaged to sell President Goodluck Jonathan and not a real AGM for serious-minded organization eager to make little sense to the people. Few PDP followers at the so-called AGM would have gone there thinking that Shelle and his gang have anything to offer them. No they have not. It was an event paid for by GEJ and solely for the purpose of telling the world that President Jonathan is the best God ever created for Nigeria. The meeting was not a platform for strategic thinking, creative approach to politics or synergistic momentum but a phantom platform for political idiocy and brigandage.

While Shelle’s PDP took time out to celebrate GEJ to high heavens and consequently passed a vote of confidence on the man, the party hopelessly turned to APC Lagos and Governor Fashola just to earn the millions doled from Abuja. In their little world, Lagos PDP think in their wildest imagination that they are making some points to anybody but in action and deeds they are just talking to themselves only. At a time their so-called PDP is gradually going down as the opposition party in Nigeria. Shelle and his gang of forty thieves gathered in Lagos to deceive themselves. At a time the house hosting PDP is being pulled down to its very foundation, Lagos PDP is busy dancing ‘owambe’ in Lagos. At a time the so-called biggest party in Africa is fighting the biggest battle for survival, the Alibaba and the forty thieves (PDP) is celebrating falsehood. At a time Shelle’s PDP has become the opposition in the House of Reps in Abuja, Lagos PDP still thinks it has some honour left. At a time President GEJ is being asked to resign by turning from being the President of Nigeria to President of Ijaw nation, Lagos PDP is busy celebrating thoughtlessness with groundless effusions. At a time a peaceful and bloodless revolution is sweeping Shelle’s PDP away, Lagos PDP has failed to come to terms with the new realities on ground in Nigeria.

Just imagine Lagos PDP talking about corruption in Fashola’s led government instead of praising the man for his clean, disciplined and committed leadership in Lagos. Just imagine PDP Lagos trying to pull down a man being celebrated all over Nigeria for making Lagos a destination and setting a template for leadership in Nigeria. Just think about PDP Lagos known for being healthy in foolishness and mediocrity suggesting that Governor Fashola is condoning corruption when he has indeed cleaned up Lagos for intelligent leadership. How can any party that wants Lagosians to take it serious pretend that the captain of the 36 Governors in Nigeria has not done anything to be reckoned with? How can this shameless party close its eyes to the great transformation going on in Lagos? How can a party that has frittered away billions of dollars for nothing in Nigeria be the one that will preach leadership? Can a blind man lead a man with eyes? Can a car move forward by engaging the reverse gear? Can you fly an aircraft without the engine or aviation fuel? I am told that you can manufacture a thousand lies just to cover one truth but the truth still has a way of coming out to torment you? PDP Lagos is simply the party, stupid.

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Lagos APC and indeed all APC States in Nigeria have shown that they have clear understanding of how to drive leadership and their works speak for them. If you consider the fact that the Lagos PDP’s scurrilous drivel is coming at a time when their boss’ leadership in Abuja is being called to question, you can then run away with the thinking that they just want to divert attention from the main issues at hand. I guess that what is in their mind set is simply to counter the allegations Nigerians are directing at President Jonathan by doing the same thing to Governor Fashola.

Governor Fashola’s legacies in Lagos are standing tall for all eyes to see and I am sure wise Lagosians can see it clearly now. A million Shelles and the motley crowd of his miserable followers cannot erase the obvious and painful truth that Fashola has restored sanity in Lagos.

Now, if I were Shelle, I will move the little crowd of PDP remnants in Lagos to APC. The PDP Governors and the PDP House of Reps members and others who have joined APC have seen the handwriting on the wall.

All things considered PDP IS DYING GRADUALLY IN NIGERIA and it is good for all of us.

•Igbokwe is the Interim Publicity Secretary, APC Lagos.

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