An Open Letter To President Jonathan


By Alofe Sunday

Dear Mr. President,

At this time when everyone is writing you a letter, mine is not to hop on the bandwagon, especially as it relates not to your 2015 ambition. But it would do Nigeria, that is if you really care about her well-being, a whole world of good if you could find time out of your busy schedule to peruse this letter by yourself. Handing this letter to Reuben Abati, Doyin Okupe or Labaran Maku would be tantamount to handing over the Bible to Satan to preach from it.

Your Excellency, bearing in mind your busy schedule, I’m going to be brief. The purpose of my letter relates with my home state, Ekiti. In late 2012, I saw something that scared me to the bone. I was lying on my bed, not sleeping when I saw in a trance revolution written as “reVOLUTION”. I sought to know the meaning and the interpretation of all respected men of God consulted tallied. Revolution, they say, will start from that part of the country and burns like a wildfire to the centre. I have only shared this revelation with a few, but given the events of these past few days, it baffles me to no end that Your Excellency has decided to make Ekiti the trigger of that revolution. If truly you believe in God as you claim, then you would refrain from this path you vehemently deny, but evidently endorse.

The governorship election in my state has been fixed by INEC for June and reliable sources say Your Excellency is going the way of Ondo and Anambra States – that is throwing up a candidate who is not from your party and employing state machinery and naked power to ensure such candidate wins. This, some claim, you’re doing in preparation for your 2015 presidential election to create for yourself the image of a democratic president who does not foist his rejected party men on the electorate, but rather ‘impartially’ allow ‘popular’ candidates of other political parties win elections.

Mr. President, not that ‘impartial’ and ‘popular’ are in parenthesis, because in real sense of those words, your chosen candidates have been nothing near ‘popular’ while your action(s) is(are) far from ‘impartial’. Mimiko could have been said to be popular, but certainly not Obiano. Your thinly veiled partiality in those elections was conspicuously criminal and statesmanly divisive.

As gubernatorial election approaches in my home state, there are several claims that you have anointed Opeyemi Bamidele, a member of the House of Representatives as your ‘Obiano’ of Ekiti State, in utter disregard and apparently loud vote of no confidence on the ability of your party (PDP) aspirants to rise from the rubble under which your party is dead and long buried in Ekiti State.

Your Excellency may deny this as you did in Ondo and Anambra, sir, but your anointed Southwest PDP leader, Buruji Kashamu, like the case of a trumpet and its blower, re-echoes the whole sinister plan when he stated in Ibadan “I am ready to go if you will stand by me. If you are ready, let us start with EKITI governorship election and make it a sample to them.”

Your Excellency, the likes of Buruji Kashamu might end up being ‘sample’ in the Ekiti election. I assure you, Mr. President, the Ekiti election may eventually be Buruji’s albatross because this time, we will not allow a repeat of the Ayoka debacle.

Your Excellency, whatever dummy Mimiko, Opeyemi Bamidele’s slave master and a czar in the art of lying like his protege, may have sold you contradicts the facts on ground. If you really paid close attention, sir, to Bamidele’s so-called declaration, you would see that no notable Ekiti person was with him on that podium and none is still with him. Even the Ondo State Governor who allegedly has been acting as go-between in winning converts for you in the Southwest and the drainpipe through which slush funds allegedly fly from you to Bamidele was apparently absent, having probably known the futility of the entire enterprise and the un-marketablity of Opeyemi Bamidele who in his almost three years in the House of Representatives has failed his constituency more than your party men who once represented that area. An independent investigation instituted by Your Excellency in Bamidele’s constituency will confront you with the lies that have become his tendon and sinew. Of all lawmakers in the Southwest, Bamidele’s MDGs projects remain the worst till date. All the acclaimed sites of these projects are either bare or covered with bushes. The coordinator of the MDGs projects in the Southwest will shed more light on this. He will let you know, in addition to whatever investigation you institute, that Opeyemi Bamidele is a lie and the hysteria with which he sells the lie will hurt you and your presidency. Haven’t you pondered, sir, how Bamidele could betray Bola Tinubu, a man who definitely would take up more than 95% of Opeyemi Bamidele’s auto-biography whenever he decides to pen his treachery? Haven’t you wondered, sir, how ambition could make a man turn his back on all his friends and kisses his enemies? Will that not be a kiss of death?

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Your Excellency, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, whatever politics you allegedly play with Bamidele, even if you would not take to my advice, be sure to limit what you do or discuss in his presence. Ensure that there is deniability as Bamidele is not to be trusted. If he turned on Tinubu, how can you be sure he would not turn on you? A man who lies to the world and also lies to himself cannot be managed, irrespective of whatever promises you make him. Like Absalom rose to seize the throne of his father, David, such man has no regard for family or friends in the pursuit of self-gain or in seeking his envy-inspired revenge. Such a man is neither driven by principles nor ideology. He chuckles at scruples and turns purple in the face of truth. Mr. President, that is your ‘Obiano’ of Ekiti, but he may yet turn out to be the ‘Omoboriowo’ (or is it ‘Owoboriomo’?) of the 2014 election.

Mr. President, part of Bamidele’s numerous lies is that he scored 47,000 votes in two local governments (Ado and Irepodun/Ifelodun) which he presently represents during the 2011 National Assembly election while Babafemi Ojudu scored 52,000 votes in 5 local governments. These figures in themselves are lies and a contrivance of a depraved mind in a lost battle to distort truths. The records are with INEC and can be checked anytime. Babafemi Ojudu polled 63,747 votes (as against Bamidele’s ‘52,000 votes’ claim) in a keenly contested senatorial election with a former governor of the state, Ayo Fayose and PDP’s Kayode Alufa. Ojudu’s votes surpassed that of Adetunmbi who also defeated the incumbent Ayo Arise by polling 58,568 votes.

Opeyemi Bamidele recorded 42,075 votes (as against the “47,000 votes” lie he is bandying around). The question every sane person must ask Bamidele is whether the quality of his opponents could measure up to that of Ojudu. While Ojudu was pitted against former Governor Ayo Fayose and Kayode Alufa, Opeyemi Bamidele contested against a  sacked Ekiti State University (EKSU) lecturer who would have lost a departmental election in EKSU. Mr. President, Tope Aluko, the present Ekiti PDP secretary who contested the election with Bamidele was sacked for gross misconduct ranging from results falsification, admission racketeering, cultism and many more from EKSU. It is a fact the man in question has no reputation. This, I tell you, sir, is the same person against whom Bamidele scored 42,075 votes, a man anyone on the streets of Ado-Ekiti could have beaten. A man with no electoral value, save for thuggery value. Rather than celebrate this ominous failure, Bamidele should cover his face in shame for contesting against Aluko.

Mr. President, this is the unmarketable product that we hear you’re patronising. This is the perishable goods that you want to inflict and afflict Ekiti people with.

As president, you shouldn’t be fanning embers of discord. Rather, you should be seen to be of impeccable character, a role model,  capable of trust and deserving of trust. A man who believes in Nigeria, not one whose actions seem to say out loud: “I don’t give a damn if I were Nigeria’s last president”.

Mr. President, any attempt to ‘Obianonate’ Opeyemi Bamidele, a bad product, in Ekiti will be resisted. Not a million soldiers can handle what may likely follow.

Thank you for your time, sir. My regards to your beautiful wife, Madam Patience, Bipi’s Jesus.

Yours faithfully,

Alofe Sunday