I Don't Run Lesbian Group

•Iyabo Ojo

•Iyabo Ojo

Top Yoruba actress cum, Iyabo Ojo has debunked insinuations that her foundation, Pinkies Foundation was established to promote lesbianism.

In her attempt to set the records straight, Iyabo Ojo told journalists recently that “my foundation is not about that. Do I look like lesbian? I am not a lesbian. Nigerians like attaching irrelevant things to something. They are saying that because l am an actress and the name, Sexy Pinkies Ladies.

She added that “it has not stopped me from achieving my goals. Eighty per cent of the women in the group are married with kids. I do not support lesbianism.

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Pinkies Foundation is a group founded in 2011 by actress Iyabo Ojo and its primary aim is to bring women together irrespective age or social class to support each other and share ideas in business, health and improve family values.

—Kayode Aponmade