Redeem LASU’s Glory


The Lagos State University, the only university that belongs to the state described as the Centre of Excellence, requires a desperate attention from the state government.

The same institution, which had churned out graduates that have become some of the best in their chosen disciplines, is today reeking of different controversies and scandal, which, we believe, are the result of human errors and are not beyond the state government to handle.

In the last quarter of 2011, the institution was in the news after its students took to the streets in protest for days against an unusual hike in their tuition. From N25,000 as school fees, the management, acting on instruction from the government, announced an increment of between N193,750 and N348,750 depending on the faculty.

Last year, the institution was in the news again for the wrong reason. Cultists held sway carrying out attacks and reprisals resulting in serious fear, suspicion and lack of concentration among the students and teachers. Damino Damoche, a promising musician and student of the institution was killed by members of a rival cult group.

Just weeks ago, the institution which the government says it is passionate about, was embroiled in a delayed certificate scandal. Graduates of the part time programme from its various campuses in the state recently protested to the state House of Assembly over the institution’s inability to issue them results many years after their graduation.

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As the state lawmakers battled to resolve this crisis, students of the institution carried out a protest that later turned violent because the management prevented  them from writing the second semester examination with their colleagues.

While some of the students paid their tuition, but were unable to carry out the electronic registration of courses, others were yet to complete payment of their fees when it was time for the examination.

It was, however, disturbing that the management of the institution continued to receive fees from the students after it had shut the portal for registration of courses and appeals for its re-opening fell on deaf ears.

The Babatunde Fashola government must immediately sanitise the institution, apportion blames where necessary, ensure the release of results to affected students and return the school’s lost glory.