Livestock Farming With Energized Water


Prince Arinze Onebunne

Agriculture remains an untapped potential of the nation, which successive government have not fully invested in. It is necessary to focus on agriculture since the nation has comparative advantage. Farmers can accelerate their productivity and double their profit in agriculture by using a new technology called bio-disc to energize the water they use in their farms. Energized water by bio-disc seems to be the antidote of poor harvest. Knowledge is power and as the world gravitates towards a knowledge –based economy, entrepreneurs with the requisite technology will always be ahead of the pack.

The Bio-disc was invented by a British Surgeon and Manufactured by Schott Glass in Germany. Bio-disc is a natural energy producing devise that puts life energy back into water. It is made from basalt rock and other natural minerals locked in a glass body at a molecular level through nanotechnology and high heat fusion techniques. The combination of minerals produce a catalytic conversion of energy that is similar to that found on earth’s natural healing spring water. This resonance renews the liquid’s natural molecular chains and returns it to its original life- giving State. The seven ribbed rings speed up the biomolecular structure process of water poured over the Disc.


There are 2 basic types of water: Bound water and vivified water. Bound water are large clusters of water molecules bound to other molecule structures. Bound water are unable to move around freely through the walls of our cells. Instead it often causes water retention and bloating. When our cells are not properly hydrated our immune system is affected and our body becomes more susceptible to virus attacks, diseases and common ailments. But vivified (or energized) water, on the other hand are smaller clusters of water restructured to its original life form. They are able to move more freely through the walls of our cells, hence effectively hydrating our cells within minutes of drinking. Nutrients and Oxygen are also transported and absorbed more effectively throughout our body, boosting our immune system and allowing our body’s metabolism to perform optimally. Using energized water refreshes all living things. It helps to detoxify our body. The polarity of potentially harmful chemicals is changed, reducing the negative effects and allows its elimination from our bodies. It also neutralizes free radicals from our bodies. Given that our bodies are 70% water, using this technology gives our bodies’ 70% better chance. We look younger, we are more energized and at the end of the day, we are healthier.

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BiodiscWater begins to get destroyed the moment you pump it out from the base of the waterbed up through the use of a water pump as the water pump releases electro magnetic energy which breaks the crystals of the water into what is called free radicals. Every pump has a coil and a magnet. Although, the pump helps you bring the water from under the ground at the same time it kills the water. And that is the water some farmers are still using in their farms out of ignorance. So, what they get from this type of arrangement is dead water. So far, farmers have been getting some results but they will do better with energized water and avoid the need to visit the vet and save money from deadly mistakes that some farmers are susceptible to.

Ironically, people who use bio-disc to energize there water don’t lose their animals as a result of dead water. When you have access to the bio-disc it is a one time purchase because the bio-disc can last for fifteen years. Since the disc radiates positive energy. What you do is to fix the bio-disc on your water supply line, when the water pass through the disc, the water is instantly energized. The resultant effect is that you will have animals that are rugged, prolific, alive, reproductive and healthy. JOVANA FARMS now sells bio-disc and help to install it for those that are interested. You won’t have high mortality rate anymore. Now, you can boast of about 80% productivity result using the bio-disc because the animal energy level and rate of growth will double.

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