Punch-weary PDP takes stock, challenges opposition

• Olisah Metuh

• Olisah Metuh: challenges opposition for a debate

Nigeria’s ruling party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), constantly attacked by the opposition parties, on Sunday in Abuja called on them to proffer solutions and alternatives to it rather than constantly condemning its policies and programmes.

Mr Olisa Metuh, National Publicity Secretary of the party, made the call in a statement, in which he also catalogued the achievements of the party, since President Jonathan launched his transformation agenda.

“While we concede to the inalienable rights of individuals to associate with any political party of their choice, we advise that they should proffer solutions and alternatives rather than engage in constant condemnation’’, he said.

Metuh also said that while the PDP recognised the right of citizens to hold opinions and identify with their choice of political platforms, it found it difficult to understand the bitterness against it by the opposition.

• Olisah Metuh: challenges opposition
• Olisah Metuh: challenges opposition

He said that such bitterness became more worrisome when former PDP members spoke negative things about the party they had greatly benefited from.

He wished former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and other PDP members who recently defected to the opposition well and prayed that they would find it in their hearts to accord the PDP due recognition someday.

This, Metuh stressed, was because of the party`s contributions not only to the development of the country, but also to their individual political progress.

He said as the sole custodian of the sacred mandate of over 160 million Nigerians, the PDP would continue to maintain the high moral ground of decency.

The party spokesman said that the party shall not in any way cheapen its sacred mandate by joining in political mudslinging.

He said the private sector had been immensely successful in the last two years under the PDP-led administration.

This, he contended, was due to the party`s continued implementation of its manifesto and policies and adherence to its ideology of transfer of wealth from public institutions to the private sector.

According to him, hardworking private individuals are now thriving in manufacturing, trade, commerce and other critical sectors of the economy and were already recording huge successes.

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“It is on record that under this administration, more small and medium businesses have sprang up across the country in the last two years.

“More print and electronic media houses have been opened, more companies are now involved in various transport businesses. More reputable international eateries and restaurants in the world have opened in Nigeria, more hotels, schools, hospitals, farms and business services companies have been opened’’, Metuh said.

According to him, the revolution in the manufacturing sector under the PDP-led Federal Government will generate massive employment for the people and guarantee technology transfer.

Metuh held that it would also bring about a reduction in costs, increase in ancillary investment opportunities and a oost in medium and small scale enterprises.

He maintained that the PDP-led administration had to its credit the liberalisation of the communication sector.

This, he said, had not only revolutionised the sector but served as a fulcrum for an unprecedented leap in the nation’s economy and monumental advancement in the standard of living.

“The PDP-led administration has vigorously pursued the Agricultural Transformation Agenda through which six million farmers have received inputs.

“This includes subsidised seeds and fertilisers directly from government in the programme that targeted an increase in domestic food production by an additional 20 million tones.’’

He said the programme was also geared toward creating 3.5 million jobs before the end of 2015.

He, however, noted that amidst its achievements in the last two years, the PDP-led administration had witnessed serious security challenge in the country, especially the insurgency in the North.

He stated that no other political party in the country would have maintained democracy in the face of such stiff detractions, sabotage and challenges.