Lagos courts conduct proceedings in darkness

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Henry Ojelu

Most courts in the Ikeja High Court complex today opted to conduct their proceedings in darkness following persistent power outage.

There has been persistent power outage in the court in the past one week.

This morning all the courts could not initially seat until about 11 a.m when one of the power generating sets was switched on.

About 30 minutes when proceedings commenced, power supply from the generating set went off, prompting some of the judge to stall their proceedings.

Some of the judges however opted to continue sitting using torch lights to conduct their sittings.

Our correspondent who was at Justice Adeniyi Onigbanjo’s court observed that the judge carried on with the day’s business with torch light.

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Lawyers in the court also used lights from the phones since the courtroom was in pitch darkness.

The judge however rose about 10 minutes after unable to continue with the torch light.

Our correspondent also observed that Justice Kudirat Jose conducted part of her court proceedings in darkness for about five minutes before suspending proceeding.

The judge was scheduled today to hear the bail application filed by alleged fraudster, Fred Ajudua.

A senior official of the court who refused to be quoted said the court rooms have been cut off from the public power supply, because of huge bills sent to them.

The official also said that the two generating sets in the court have been faulty.