Nneka Gets Proposed To On Air



Funsho Arogundade

The power of an awesome voice, good looks and a red rose cannot be undermined. Nigerian Idol female judge, Nneka Egbuna, was lost in the moment after the performance of one of the contestants in the second group of Top 30 on the talent hunt show.


Xolani, a contestant from Calabar presented the petite damsel with a red rose after going on his knees, during his performance of ‘Lady in Red’ by Chris de Burgh.

“Awesome charisma, you were very in tune with the lyrics and you have a charming look and personality, but I just need to you to be careful, so you don’t lose yourself in the show,” Nneka said, after recovering from the moment.

However, at last, someone moved the hard-to-impress Nigerian Idol judges to their feet.

After a show that started on a rather low note with the first five contestants performing below expectations, it was a breath of fresh air and relief when Eye-D, a contestant from Lagos, gave a stellar performance of LeAnn Rime’s ‘How do I live?’

Her outstanding performance got her a standing ovation from Nneka and the audience, as well as a resounding applause from the other judges and audience.

“That was an epic performance and your mic control was awesome,” said an impressed Nneka.

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“Now we are talking,” chipped in elated Darey. While visibly excited Dede added: “There is a voice in the house. That was an awesome package and presentation.”

On the same episode, Afrobeat singer contended with a very confident young, lady contestant from Lagos known as Dawn.

The beautiful student who looked ravishing in an all black outfit find it hard to impress Dede for missing some lines in her lyrics after her performance of ‘Next to Me’ by Emeli Sande.

“Good start, but why did you forget your lyrics?” said Dede. “I didn’t forget my lyrics,” argued Dawn repetitively.

And with one-group performances down on the show, the fight for the next three contestants who will make it to the Top 12 has hit fever pitch.

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